Is Masturbation bad?

Is Masturbation bad?

If you are a teenager, you might want to know, Is masturbation bad? Is there anything wrong with it? Am I the only one doing it? What kind of bad effects it can cause if it can cause any? Can it create problems in my future life, esp marriage? If you have all these questions, you have landed on the right place. Please read on.

Masturbation is not bad

Masturbation is perfectly healthy activity. We are not against masturbation, we are only against excessive masturbation. Masturbation is even good for you in many ways, for example

  • It relieves you of all the tension so you can focus better on your studies, work
  • Makes you calmer and far more less aggressive
  • You will probably never have headache if you are a frequent masturbator
  • Can be effective against certain diseases and medical conditions such as tension
  • Help reduce crimes
  • Is over all healthy and is natural need of the body and also give you great pleausure
  • Above all it is a sign of good health.

If you are masturbating once in a while or once every other day, there is nothing to worry about. If you doing it for reason you should be doing it for, that is when it become more harmful and addictive. If you masturbate 3 times a day in one day, that is totally ok. As long as your body needs it, the harmful effects are really none. But when the body does not need and you push it for reasons because you are lonely and you just have to masturbate, that is when it become harmful. To fully understand the harmful effects of masturbation please click on the following link Harmful effects of masturbation

Excessive Masturbation is bad

We are against excessive masturbation. We think if you indulge in masturbation for not good enough reason for a long time and you regularly practice it, it might cause you in serious trouble. I understand this view is against medical science but I have to stick with it because I witnessed it first hand. The type of masturbation that can get you in serious trouble is, mostly all of these

  • You do not have friends
  • You always indulge with yourself
  • You do not feel the need to mingle with others. You are your own best friend
  • You masturbate when ever you get a chance
  • You create situations for yourself in order to masturbate
  • You try new techniques because the old ones got boring
  • You do it just because you can’t fall asleep or you are alone
  • You dont feel the need for a relationship just because you are happy with yourself. You are always satisfied
  • You do it once or twice a day every day
  • You can’t skip a single day without masturbation, or can hardly skip
  • There is no end of it that you can ever stop it
  • You never get bored with because you continue to change your fantasies
  • This type of masturbation can put you in serious trouble such as bending of penis, shrinkage of penis, premature ejaculation, lower back pain, reduced reaction, loss of sexual pleasure because your orgasm become week. Above all it affects your real relationship with opposite sex. You feel you are not enough for them. Things like premature ejaculation can put a severe dent in your relationship depending on how serious it is. I have discuss all of this on various pages. To know about what is excessive masturbation, please click on the link What is excessive masturbation?

    How much is too much

    We have created an interactive survey, where you can find out if your masturbation habit is excessive or not? Visit Excessive Masturbation Survey

    Stages of Excessive Masturbation

    Excessive masturbation as mentioned is not short period. The harmful effects occurs over a number of years, usually 2+ years. To get an idea, what is excessive masturbation please visit in detail signs or stages of excessive masturbation

    Please note, we no longer accept questions on this page. If you like to leave a comment, please feel free to comment. If you have a question click on the link below For all questions please ask here

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133 Responses to Is Masturbation bad?

  1. Misfit says:

    i am 17 now, i masturbated since when i was 14 years old, There is no problem(known to me) about my health, but recently I am worried about my face (Acne and dark spots) and I think I am suffering from shrinkage of penis.. So I wanna quit masturbation..Will my body able to recover if I quit masturbation???????

  2. Gurpeeet says:

    Sir…I’m mastubrating daily when I’m 14yrs I’m 22yrs old..but now I have reduced it to 3 days in a week….I have no problem…but I have tension that may be I will not become a father :( and this tension ruins me everyday…..plzzzz help help! help….should I stop it or not??..but I’m enjoying while doing it…but after mastubration…I hate myself.

  3. Gurpeeet says:

    Whether mastubration is good or not…but it ruins my study bcoz I was topper of my school…but when I started mastubration in college….I was not able to pass in a single subject :(
    Totally memory loss…

    • admin says:

      This is a myth. Masturbation should actually excel in study because you can concentrate more after you do it. These are two different things
      1. Masturbation
      2. Giving time to study to get good marks

      If you masturbate but still study a lot you will get good marks. I do know that with masturbation your memory is perhaps not as sharp as with masturbation. That will play as a small factor but not a big one in getting good marks.

  4. nas says:

    Hi i Hav been musterbating for the last 9 years now and only two or sometimes once a week but my question is while i musterbate i do it in a sittin position while watching porn but do u think by rubbing ur penis up n down with ur hand hardly wouldnt it effect it.or make it weaker or something i try not to do it very hard .and does musterbaating effect ur sexual intercourse timing to cum in future when ur married?

  5. vince says:

    is there any way to stop chronic masturbating?

  6. flotrol says:

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive
    the message home a bit, but other than that, this is fantastic blog.
    An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

    • admin says:

      We welcome any pics that someone can send us. Our email is sacseducation # yahoo com. What we are most interested in are in deformed penis shapes because of over masturbation. Thanks!

  7. Vaginababe says:

    I masterbate every night hard

    • Nikhil says:

      me too, even i masterbate very much @ night, that too with a lot of energy, first of all i’m nervy …tell me is it something wrong to see veins raisen after masterbation? Please do answer (anyone)

  8. Ratul says:

    hi This is ratul from Bangladesh. I’m mastubrating from last 10 yr. now i am 28 & Got married last month. i facing a huge problem. n the time of doing sex with my wife my penis not become hard enough for inter. i am try to over come it but its not working. I dont know what to do. it give huge mental pressure. Please let me now how can i over come it?

  9. johnabraham says:

    when i was 5 year old boy i used to iam 17year old.i will masturbate frequently.but some times more.when it is more i will be weak.i think my penis is bend.reply me

  10. Jon says:

    This is going to sound strange but…. 10 times a week is bad cause my dick hurts (not that much and it has wrinkles) but its been like that for 2 days and I stoped will it go away

  11. ABC says:

    Hello Buddy, can i send you a photo of my penis. b’cz, I’m confused about my penis shape and size.
    So, for this plz send me your email id.plz reply me plz……….

    • admin says:

      Sure, send it to the email #sacseducation#yahoo#com.

      We are looking for such photos that can show deformed penis because of excessive masturbation. Usually this will be a penis with shrukken base. We really want to show it the world to see what really are we talking about.

      Please note that we would need your permission to publish that photo on the site for education purposes.


  12. Mady says:

    Hi, admin i am masturbating from 16 year age. Now my age is 21 year. I masterbate once daily. But i m suffring from back and leg pain till 2 years. Less memory ability. I m trying to leave this bad habit. If i leave masterbtion can i b normal. Tell me how many time after i should b live normal life. My sexual filing also damaged. If i cantrol now can i able to enjoy a maried and healthy life? Pls tell me ur opinion. Sory for bad english grammer.

    • admin says:

      Short answer, you can get to normal but complete reversal is kind of hard and it takes a good deal of time. It is better to avoid such things that is hard to cure later. That’s why this site.

  13. surya says:

    how many time mastrbation is good to health per month…..

    • admin says:

      As long as it is not excessive! It can be more or less. Basically if you cutoff yourself from society and all you do is masturbate, that is what we say is wrong. If you are fully functional member of society, have friend, play games, study etc, you should not be worried too much. If you have *need*, one time a month is ok, even twice a week is ok, even one time a week is ok, even 2 times a week is ok, even 1 time day is ok. But remember, a point comes in when it become an addiction! You want to set it for yourself, where you want to stop.

  14. Leslie says:

    Excessive masturbation is NOT bad. According to WEBMD, masturbation is GOOD. What is BAD is the size of the human population and how BAD it is going to get in the next 20 years. Trust me, people will welcome school shootings and any opportunity to lower the world’s human population in the coming years. Masturbate! It keeps the world’s population down! And it is GOOD!

    • admin says:

      Dear Leslie, thank you for comments. But trust me if you have seen bad effects of excessive masturbation, you would not be saying this.

    • Michael B says:

      Yeah you’re going out of text with this. There’s such thing as too much and too little. This is why we are all concerned to see the areas to stop in and to go forward in.

  15. karthik says:

    I do this 10-20 times avg in a month… but I couldn’t stop it… whenever I am alone I was forced to do this… after doing I will think why couldnt I control.. anyway to control this?

  16. kld222 says:

    uhm admin i read one of the comments above you said that penis with a small base are bad effects of excessive masturbation right but mine already had a small base even when i didnt start masturbating yet. what does this mean?

    • admin says:

      penis with narrow (shrunk) base is sign of excessive masturbation. If you already have that that is an interesting case. I am not sure if you can explain it more, how shrunken it is and are there any wrinkles around it?

  17. curious guy says:

    hello admin, ive been reading alot since the past 6 months and more about the dangers of masturbating,ive been masturbating too much before and now im trying to restrict myself to masturbating like once a week.. the problem is that ive been curious everytime i ejaculate semen during climax, there is also this yellowish liquid coming out, it doesnt happen if i try to masturbate every 3 days, but it happens if i only masturbates around once a week or less..maybe u would know about these conditions..btw FYI, erm i dont have any pain on my penis or during ejaculation, its normal..thank you

  18. Cam says:

    Hi my name is cam and i tried masturbatin at age 11 but felt no pleasure but then i tried it one time at 13 and jacked off all school year then during the summer on and off but now im back on everynight except the weekends and i think my penis is getting a little shorter and my orgasms are less sensative. WHAT DO I DO?!? Im in trouble

  19. Aaron says:

    Hi, I’m really concerned about this, i masturbate probably 4-5 times a week. I know thats not bad but I make each session last atleast 1-2 hours, I manage to not create blue balls though. I’m scared because my penis does cured to one side and it’s possible that it has shrunk. I want to know if my penis can go back to normal size????????????????

  20. bullkin says:

    Hey Admin !!
    I m 17 years old now and i started masturbating when i was like 13 . I can control it for a week mostly .. but when i start doing it. i keep on doing it like 3 times.. Need help here

  21. 3nity says:

    Prevention is beter than cure. 4 u 2 stop excessive masturbation , u must be xtremely discipline. My opinion is that if u already very addicted 2 it, try 2 control it nd hav plans on how 2 stop it by not making it a pleasure habit. If you are not adicted 2 it,you should STOP IT IMMEDIATEY. What has advantage has disadvantage, but here, the disadvantage is more than. . . .wish u d best with prayer nd discipline/hardwork.

  22. JW says:

    I have had a frequent masturbation problem for years. Until recently it did not effect my personal relationships. I’m having challenges performing normal sex, but feel overcome with the urge to masturbate while at work. I don’t know where I should seek help….from a regular MD, a different sort of specialist or maybe even a Psychiatrist. My condition is harming my personal relationships and my work performance. Need some help here. Thanks.

  23. Michael B says:

    Okay so I’m 15 years old. I’ve been masturbating since I was around 10 or 11. I’ve been trying new tricks like holding in my ejaculation for hours and doing it extreamly fast so I ejaculate in 3-6min. I use to do this around twice a day and every now and then I don’t masturbate for about a week or three. My penis is slightly slanted and is 7 and 1/2 inches long. I only masturbate when I get the sexual need to and whenever a girl is just so cute or sexy. Some parts of the article I got and knew I did. Then the side effects are just what I’m unsure about that doesn’t make too much sense to me. I have a girlfriend and she’s oozing how much she loves me like I’m getting spoonfed free sex from her because she would do anything for me. I also supposivly from what I’ve heard from adults that I’m very mature and I just don’t like my generation and their stupidity, but I accept them and adapt just for them. I just want what’s best for my sexual masturbation life and the article confused me. Please help and thanks for reading. :)

    • admin says:

      You masturbation habit is not excessive, in fact it is totally normal. You wouldn’t see any bad side affects at all.

  24. Ashley says:

    Can someone help me! All the the things discussed under “Excessive masturbation is bad” are haunting me. The only difference is that I’m a woman, not a man. What should I do? What health problems will take over me?

    • Dear says:

      Well masterbating is more harmful to girls as it create infection in vagina, for me to stop masterbating i read bhagvat gita(indian holy scripture) and the god says” don’t indulge before your senses but bring them in use to worship me that’s the way you can attain success ” so by taking it as the God’s order i left masterbating and now i am living a strong life

      • admin says:

        I have little knowledge about girl masturbation but will respectfully disagree with your point that is masturbation can create infection. It wont as far as I know unless someone is using something dirty which is not suppose to be.

  25. Eden says:

    if we Ejaculate semen too much..wil it reproduce?? :-)

  26. madcap says:

    look guys and girls, masturbation is fun. it is only a problem if it gets in the way of you having a relationship. in other words it becomes a problem if your masturbation results in you not having sex with your partner. MASTURBATION DOES NOT MAKE YOUR PENIS BEND!!!!

  27. kD says:

    hi..i have been masterbating since when i was of 12 i am of 18 years..i usually masterbate 7 to 8 times in a weak..and and from 2 years i am feeling that my hairs are become thin..and when i masterbate my wrists get shrinks but becomes normal after exercise..n my penis size is also not god its 6 cm at normal before getting bulge..and even my height has also not increased i am still of 5″3 plz tell me whether these are caused by masterbating and also give any advice.. plz reply.. plz..

  28. john says:


    When i masturbate sperms come out within seconds is the same with all of the guys ………

    • Raj says:

      Avoid masturbation because—- read the fact u better understand …and share it to save other….

      1. It weakens the sexual organs and creates partial looseness in it.
      2. It weakens the nerves generally – a result of the exertion caused by this action.
      3. It affects the growth of the limbs especially the outer part of the urethra (duct through which urine isdischarged from the bladder and the testicles). Hence it does not reach the limit of it’s normal growth.
      4. It creates seminal (spermatic) inflammation in the testicles which causes quick ejaculation of sperm.
      5. It causes pain in the vertebra column, the spinal column from which semen is ejaculated. This pain creates
      crookedness and twisting in the back.
      6. It causes some limbs like the legs to shake and shiver.
      7. It creates weakness in the cerebral glands of the brain which, in turn, weakens the power of perception and
      reason. Similarly, it leads to the weakness of memory.
      8. It weakens the eye-sight and reduces its normal limit of vision.
      9. It causes a person to become old before time.
      10. It weakens the very delicate and fine nerves and veins of the sexual organs resulting in sexual impotency.
      11. It causes an excessive loss of sperm by way of nocturnal emission (wet dreams).
      12. It decreases the natural resistance of the body.
      13. It causes harm to the four principal organs in the body viz, the heart, brain, liver and stomach.
      14. It decreases the natural animal heat in the body, heat which strengthens the soul and body.
      15. It causes an excessive loss of blood. Remember it takes 80 drops of blood to produce one drop of sperm.
      16. It weakens the bladder.
      1. The psychologists say: “Here the awareness of a misdeed and the feeling of a sin occurs to those youth who practice this vile act in such a way that within themselves there is struggle between the desire to practice this vile act and the remorseful feeling of a sin.”
      2. Excessive practice of this vile act leads to cowardice, an increase in nervous agitation, no confidence in oneself, overwhelming disgrace, a decrease in the urge to study and desire towards isolation and introversion.
      3. Similarly, excessive practice of this evil act leads towards its addiction and attachment. Instead of practicing it to rid oneself of an irresistible desire or to unleash a violent eruption of desire within oneself, a person does it as a habit to attain and satisfy his carnal appetite and -desire. Ibn Qayyim (Rahmatullahi alaihi) has said:“Many sinners sin without deriving any pleasure and urge except that they experience pain in quitting it.”

  29. as-if-i-tell-you-my-name says:

    I have been masterbasting for the past 30 years once a day or every other day,
    Its certainly does releave stress and anxiety
    I just hope i don’t croak when im doing it.
    I hope its not bad for someone with high blood pressure

  30. sunil says:

    I used to have masturbation for so many years(but not every day), i got married now but i feel now that i losing sperm very often sometimes before intercourse. can u please help me to avoid this?

  31. Cfhhrsfgjhgdffraagjkyfd says:

    Does masturbating make you lose muscle?

  32. sandeep says:

    Sir, Due to being in bad friend circle & improper knowledge I started masturbating early in the age of 13, almost 2-3-4 times a day, sometime having gaps of 2-3 days. But as I remember it was regular. Now I am 21+ & suffering from lots of problems.
    I feel isolated from community, keep away myself from females & not making any female as friend (gynofobia). It is very horrible for me to talk with any stranger girl or a women. Even i feel unsafe to share some words with my sister & keep myself detached from her making her angry & other relatives.
    The main trouble is that now I masturbate as less as 2-3 times a month, but from last 4-5 years i feel pain in my penis, It ejaculates almost half a minute after erection. Loss of perception and interest in any work specially studies. I suffer daily from headache but sleep a lot even 12 hours a day.
    Because i get ejaculated just half a minute after ejaculation, I m suffering from phobia that I won’t be able to satisfy my partner for that 15-20 minutes sexual act, because i get over in just one minute.(I have never had sex with any partner, I m still virgin)
    My penis has not grown properly & after total erection its length is between 3-4 inches.
    So i have decided not to marry in my life so that i won’t trouble others.
    All these problems have arise due to very early & uncontrolled masturbation at age of 13 and for longer.
    So it will be a great pleasure for me & lots blessings for u if u understand my problem & suggest me that what should i do now (I have almost 90 % control on desire of masturbation right now).
    Waiting fro ur reply….Thank you.

  33. prabhat says:

    sab chutiya banate he last 15 years se daily masturbation(hastmaithun) kar raha hu..starting ke 8 saal daily 2 time karta tha..last 7 years se 1 time kar raha hu…ku6 bhi problem nahi to lund me na to virya(semens) me…its a gud also says ke aap daily 3 to 4 time karo to bhi ku6 problem nahi aata…isliye frnds dont worry..

  34. william rivera says:

    Is it true that if masturbate a lot it can cause yhu to not get a girl pregnant?

    • admin says:

      No, not true but with frequent (and unnecessary) masturbation, your sperm count decreases and ratio of healthy vs dead sperm may also be affected so in my opinion, there is some effect if not a lot!

  35. Nama says:

    I m masturbating from 12 years nd now i m 21. As u said masturbating make dick thin from base and tip get wets same prob. Is now with me. Is that a big pron. In future when in get married . is there any way to overcome this effect ?
    Plz reply i need help !

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