We have redesigned to serve you better. This site is currently in Beta. Please read the following statement which serves as our general agreement of this site.

I do not claim that what we say here is 100% true. That is what we discuss here is not supported by Medical Science. In fact it is the contrary. Medical Science says you masturbate as much as you want as long as you want and it does not have any bad effect. We respect that opinion but we have our own and that comes from my experience, my background. Again we are open about the subject. If someone has reasons we are wrong, you are more than welcome to express your thoughts. And speaking of that, let me talk about an example where Medical Science say one thing but general logic and some doctors say something else.

If you ever go to dermatologist (a skin doctor) for Acne, you will hear food has no effect on Acne. So a doctor will never tell you to keep away from some hot food because he things it has not effect on Acne at all. On the other hand there are books written on the subject which shows Acne can be controlled by eating healthy food. You be the judge, who is right and who is wrong.

This website is also on controversial topic. Doctors say no it is not harmful at all. While we say, excessive masturbation could be harmful.

This website was created back in 2004 in a an attempt to aware young generation about the harmful effects of masturbation.  It gives mostly my own account and view of the subject.

This site does not claim that this site is scientifically correct. In fact it is scientifically wrong.

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  1. bo says:

    Is this website a joke?
    It feels like a joke. It’s poorly written, and contains no real factual information, just circumstantial evidence.

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