Brain – Can Brain Deceive us

When you start to describe your worries about masturbation to a doctor, they would say “it is all in your brains”. That means what you think is not true. You brain has simply accepted it and you can’t seem to get out of it. In reality you do not have any problem, but you think you are in all sort of problem. Can they be true?

The answer is Yes. Someone might be told something, they have accepted it and now they are hooked to it. They link everything to it and they can even find reason to prove, what they believe in is true. This happens to us in a number of situation. I will discuss brain in relation to this topic only and possibly others.

For more information, read this Can our brain possibly fool us?

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  1. Eminent says:

    I started masturbatin at the age of 14 and am 20 now, i do it excessively i.e, 10 to 15 times per week. I start it, the major problem i experienced is memory depreciation and lack of stamina. It affected my educational capability badly, i hardly remeber what i read even after seconds of reading it. Yet i have not stoped masturbating cos am already addicted to it. Pls sir give me some tips on how to get out of this mess, am tired of it. Am waitin 4 ur reply. Thanks alot ur good works.

    • admin says:

      10/15 times per week for 2+ years counts as excessive masturbation. However if this is something you did out of pure needs, that it may not be excessive. In my view, Excessive masturbation is something that you do and you dont really have to because probably you do it because you are bored, you dont have friends and then you just fall into it. This way you stress your organ into doing something that it does not really want to do. You got addicted to it coz you just have to do it every day. I would be glad to hear your complete story.

  2. jack09 says:

    Masturbation is a cause for fishy smell?

  3. mohit says:

    i have beeen masturbating from yhe past 6.5 years and i face all the side effects that you have written…… my question to u is that if i stop masturbation today……are there any chances of me becoming a normal and sexually strong person

  4. unkown says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am now 26, I started doing masterbation at the age of 15 and still continue. But i am not regular in mastebation. As i work so i hardly get time to do. But when i am free continuously for more then a day, i ususally masterbate for atleast regular 5 days. But at the same time i try to take healty diet to recover. But i am use to of masterbate since more then 10 years i have now side effects-like short height, penis bending and too much eagerness to have a sex with girl. I spend lot of money to satisfy my need by having gf, i had good sex relation also but that also did not work out. so ultimately i concluded to masterbate. But, today for the first time i search about side effects and i am so shameful now i can’t even think of masterbation atleast for a month. Do excesise and eat nice food like fish,milk,fresh fruits and green vegitables. Even if u are not able to control remember u are harming self day by day for which you have regret later when every thing already run out of your control. think positve and do postive.

  5. anmoldhillon says:

    i masturbate from last 7 years now every time i am only thinking about sex.whom i seeing i think they are doing sex . i feel guilty what i need to do now please help me .

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