Is Masturbation bad?

Is Masturbation bad?

If you are a teenager, you might want to know, Is masturbation bad? Is there anything wrong with it? Am I the only one doing it? What kind of bad effects it can cause if it can cause any? Can it create problems in my future life, esp marriage? If you have all these questions, you have landed on the right place. Please read on.

Masturbation is not bad

Masturbation is perfectly healthy activity. We are not against masturbation, we are only against excessive masturbation. Masturbation is even good for you in many ways, for example

  • It relieves you of all the tension so you can focus better on your studies, work
  • Makes you calmer and far more less aggressive
  • You will probably never have headache if you are a frequent masturbator
  • Can be effective against certain diseases and medical conditions such as tension
  • Help reduce crimes
  • Is over all healthy and is natural need of the body and also give you great pleausure
  • Above all it is a sign of good health.

If you are masturbating once in a while or once every other day, there is nothing to worry about. If you doing it for reason you should be doing it for, that is when it become more harmful and addictive. If you masturbate 3 times a day in one day, that is totally ok. As long as your body needs it, the harmful effects are really none. But when the body does not need and you push it for reasons because you are lonely and you just have to masturbate, that is when it become harmful. To fully understand the harmful effects of masturbation please click on the following link Harmful effects of masturbation

Excessive Masturbation is bad

We are against excessive masturbation. We think if you indulge in masturbation for not good enough reason for a long time and you regularly practice it, it might cause you in serious trouble. I understand this view is against medical science but I have to stick with it because I witnessed it first hand. The type of masturbation that can get you in serious trouble is, mostly all of these

  • You do not have friends
  • You always indulge with yourself
  • You do not feel the need to mingle with others. You are your own best friend
  • You masturbate when ever you get a chance
  • You create situations for yourself in order to masturbate
  • You try new techniques because the old ones got boring
  • You do it just because you can’t fall asleep or you are alone
  • You dont feel the need for a relationship just because you are happy with yourself. You are always satisfied
  • You do it once or twice a day every day
  • You can’t skip a single day without masturbation, or can hardly skip
  • There is no end of it that you can ever stop it
  • You never get bored with because you continue to change your fantasies
  • This type of masturbation can put you in serious trouble such as bending of penis, shrinkage of penis, premature ejaculation, lower back pain, reduced reaction, loss of sexual pleasure because your orgasm become week. Above all it affects your real relationship with opposite sex. You feel you are not enough for them. Things like premature ejaculation can put a severe dent in your relationship depending on how serious it is. I have discuss all of this on various pages. To know about what is excessive masturbation, please click on the link What is excessive masturbation?

    How much is too much

    We have created an interactive survey, where you can find out if your masturbation habit is excessive or not? Visit Excessive Masturbation Survey

    Stages of Excessive Masturbation

    Excessive masturbation as mentioned is not short period. The harmful effects occurs over a number of years, usually 2+ years. To get an idea, what is excessive masturbation please visit in detail signs or stages of excessive masturbation

    Please note, we no longer accept questions on this page. If you like to leave a comment, please feel free to comment. If you have a question click on the link below For all questions please ask here

    Thank you for visiting!

133 Responses to Is Masturbation bad?

  1. ben says:

    is it bad to close the mouth of the penis and didint allow to shoot the cum after masturbating..?

    • admin says:

      Acording to this link It can be harmful. It is called Retrograde Ejaculation.

      If you are ejaculating and you hold the semen in, yes it can cause some problems. It is called retrograde ejaculation and can cause infertility as you can damage the muscles and valves that are supposed to direct the semen out of the penis and not up into the bladder.

      I do not have any personnel saying on this.

      • henry agbatutu says:

        i masturbate 5 times a week and i started it the age of 21yrs up till now, i’m 27yrs. I’m my going to be affected.

        • Raj says:

          Reasons why we must avoid masturbation is as follows :

          1. It weakens the sexual organs and creates partial looseness in it.
          2. It weakens the nerves generally – a result of the exertion caused by this action.
          3. It affects the growth of the limbs especially the outer part of the urethra (duct through which urine isdischarged from the bladder and the testicles). Hence it does not reach the limit of it’s normal growth.
          4. It creates seminal (spermatic) inflammation in the testicles which causes quick ejaculation of sperm.
          5. It causes pain in the vertebra column, the spinal column from which semen is ejaculated. This pain creates
          crookedness and twisting in the back.
          6. It causes some limbs like the legs to shake and shiver.
          7. It creates weakness in the cerebral glands of the brain which, in turn, weakens the power of perception and
          reason. Similarly, it leads to the weakness of memory.
          8. It weakens the eye-sight and reduces its normal limit of vision.
          9. It causes a person to become old before time.
          10. It weakens the very delicate and fine nerves and veins of the sexual organs resulting in sexual impotency.
          11. It causes an excessive loss of sperm by way of nocturnal emission (wet dreams).
          12. It decreases the natural resistance of the body.
          13. It causes harm to the four principal organs in the body viz, the heart, brain, liver and stomach.
          14. It decreases the natural animal heat in the body, heat which strengthens the soul and body.
          15. It causes an excessive loss of blood. Remember it takes 80 drops of blood to produce one drop of sperm.
          16. It weakens the bladder.
          1. The psychologists say: “Here the awareness of a misdeed and the feeling of a sin occurs to those youth who practice this vile act in such a way that within themselves there is struggle between the desire to practice this vile act and the remorseful feeling of a sin.”
          2. Excessive practice of this vile act leads to cowardice, an increase in nervous agitation, no confidence in oneself, overwhelming disgrace, a decrease in the urge to study and desire towards isolation and introversion.
          3. Similarly, excessive practice of this evil act leads towards its addiction and attachment. Instead of practicing it to rid oneself of an irresistible desire or to unleash a violent eruption of desire within oneself, a person does it as a habit to attain and satisfy his carnal appetite and -desire. Ibn Qayyim (Rahmatullahi alaihi) has said:“Many sinners sin without deriving any pleasure and urge except that they experience pain in quitting it.”

  2. Jose says:

    What if you just get erections alot and masturbate because i get erections and just masturbate but is it bad if you get errct every 1 hr

    • admin says:

      This is a legitimate question. If you are getting erection too often, then you can masturbate. Just bear in mind that excessive masturbation is really bad. Also know the fact that what is really bad is your ejaculate yourself just because of boredom. That way you teach your organ to ejaculate even if you are not in proper mood. The end result it, it might cause Premature Ejaculation. However I have no proof of this and by now it is just a theory out there.

  3. Pradeep says:

    Hi,I am masturbation from last 8 years 2time a day, i just got married i cant able to give my best to my wife i feel this is the effict of masturbation.I really dont know to do request you to please adivse me what to do.

    • adul says:

      Pradip!first ofall don get too intensee coz masterbatin isnt a problem but wen it becomes obcessve den game ends!try to inhale urself wen u feel ereation.go to ur body and engayo poyidum.for any queries contact my id

  4. ahsan says:

    i want to ask that if we masturbation two times a week? is it harmful ?

  5. Kevin says:

    If You Have Been masturbating for a long period of time and you encounter yourself with alot of problems like side effects for masturbating too much , would that affect you for the rest of your life? Or you can stop and by stopping everything gets better and goes back to normal?
    And Does Masturbating Mess Your Face Up?
    Like makes it ugly or get more pimples?

    • admin says:

      It will affect you for the rest of your life. You can theoratically get back but practically it is almost not possible. But then everyone is different. You should be hopeful.

      Remember, sexual health has an impact on all part of your life, relationships, friendships, romance. If you fail here, its affect can be seen everywhere. But you will survive. I am an example. The fact is recovery is very difficult because you are mostly alone in this problem. However you can live a normal healthy life. It might not be exactly the same if you did not have this problem, but it can get pretty close. You should hope for the best.

  6. biplab biswas says:

    i stopped masturbate about 1 month, and decided to do it never in future. is this decision may effect on my health or can it will effected my reproductive system and organs.

    • admin says:

      Masturbation is ok. Excessive masturbation is not. So as long as you are not doing it excessive, nothing wrong with it.

      As far as your question, do not stress yourself too much to avoid masturbation. Masturbation has advantages too. The important thing is do not do it excessively. Most people who do it excessively do not have a relationship or friends, or usually solitary and they never get bored. Because they rely on masturbation!

  7. Imo John says:

    Masturbating moderately may seem okay initially,but it’s addictive-you will get carried away. Best to avoid it totally.

    • admin says:

      Totally agree. Even excessive is ok if you are in the mood for it and you do not span it over a long period of time. Excessive masturbation over a long period is what this site is about. Nice comments!

  8. kobby says:

    am a victim need help to stop.

  9. motornaolja says:

    Hey, can I use your post on my website with a linkback?

  10. joe says:

    hey man, i masturbate almost everyday for a few years now and i am going thru almost everything u just said on ur website. please help me. give me tips or whatever. if i stop masturbating would i go back to normal ? please tell me i will

  11. george says:

    i am a 14 year old boy,and i masturbate for around 6-7 times a week,is it bad for health?

    • admin says:

      Avoid excessive masturbation. While 6/7 times a weak is not excessive, if you can reduce it, it will be better for you. However please ask someone else opinion as well.

  12. GInz says:

    Hey buddy thx for dis precious information,,bt can u plz tell me did u overcome night discharge urself(as I read ur earlier blog)?? I know dis is d hardest part ,bt if u did can u give us d on my way to quit masturbation bt my problem is night discharge tat is wen I dont masturbate.

    thx tonne
    and keep up d good work

    • admin says:

      Night discharge is ok. In fact it is healthy. If you do not have night discharge, that is bad thing. Initially I had d different view about night discharge. I saw it if you have frequent night discharge, that means your ejaculation mechanism is not in good control. While that could be true. Night ejaculation in itself is a good thing and basically shows good sexual health. If you grow older, this will automatically decrease.

  13. Kumar says:

    i am masturbating so many years. I am doing it regularly. I feel i got affected. Expecially my penis size and my balls size also. Also iam getting less sperm only. please suggest me what i have to do from now on. Suggest me about treatment also.

  14. kishore says:

    will masturbation at a yearly age of 15 will affect my baby’s growth later?i am very scared of it…please help me

    • admin says:

      Not at all. At the age of 15 you should not be worried about masturbation that much. The only thing you need to worry about is excessiveness of everything is bad that includes masturbation also. It is a long time you will get married and have kids. You do not need to worry about it at all.

  15. orko says:

    i am masturbating almost everyday once or twice last 7-8 years….now i cant satisfy my lover and i erect very very quickly and also my thickness of semen was very light .. and if i not masterbate then night discharge I really dont know what to do .. plzz tell how i overcome this problem ( treatment) and get back my previous situation….

    • admin says:

      Night discharge is good thing it is happening to you. This kind of shows you have sexually in good health. I am not sure why you have problem with your partner. You can always see a doctor and you should!

  16. rambo says:

    wat can be done to stop masturbating?
    i have tried to stop it but i m unable to continue it after 3 days..please give me some valueable suggestions

    • admin says:

      Dear Rambo, don’t be afraid of masturbation. If you can hold it for 3 days, that is good enough. This site against excessive masturbation. Once in 3 days is ok and nothing to worry about.

    • Silk says:

      If you just stop and tell yourself no. It’s as hard as you think. It’s probably weird but I’m a 13 yr old girl and I managed to stop with a week or so. If it helps try getting yourself into something like music, riding your bike, walking. though I do not reccomend video games and such. I got myself into music, writing fanfictions, and drawing. If you need to chose someone you can thoroughly trust and ask them if you can rely on them. It always helps to have someone looking out for you. We’re all cheering you on!

  17. rahimuddin says:

    hi to every baddy i want to say to all those who are effected to this bad and deadly illness that if really want leave this action make your self bussier keep on studying dont think about estimulating things and sextulity do not watch porn vedios and pictures and sites and always think about its side effects

  18. Joseph says:

    My name is owovie joseph, am from nigeria. Pls wan’t you to help me out of this mess, i have been masturbate since age of 18yrs till now, am 34yrs old now and this masturbation have run my life almost off, i have been started getting gray hair everywhere of my body and my skin started screw, what sould i do to stop this and the most important is, what types of drugs would i take to stop pain in my testcle. My phone number is [+xxx], pls you can send me yours to call for the councelor pls, hope to hear from you.

  19. aman says:

    How many times masturbate is exessive according to you in a weak

  20. orko says:

    Someone says to me excessive masterbating cause problem giving child….is it true ? if i have a level 3 PE ( Premature ejaculation) problem then what should specifically i do ( treatment ) ? is it hamper giving a child ? plzz tell me..

    • Matt says:

      Not sure but thats a good question. I would like to know too.


      • admin says:

        Excessive Masturbation does not causes any problems in pregnancy or child birth. A girl can equally get pregnant weather you over masturbate or not masturbate at all. But there is a side to it. When you do excessive masturbation for a long period of of time, the sperms counts in semen becomes low. This will decrease your chances of becoming a father but it will NOT eliminate it altogather. The second thing is if you are frequent masturbator, the ejaculation volume will likely decrease. This against might decrease the chances of pregnancy. So bottom line, it might reduce it a little bit but you still have a good chance of becoming father. One should not reply on the fact that if you are a frequent masturbator, you cannot father a baby. That is totally wrong. I think I have mentioned it in another answer as well.

  21. dj says:

    i observed that semen is coming out through my urine nt evry tym bt some tyms ,if musturbate den after 5 days of it .it is happng fst tym wot shud i do now , m musturbating since long tym some tym trice a week n some tym 4 tyms

    rep as soon as possible

  22. Vishnu says:

    Hi guyz my age is 18.i mastrubrate frm d age of 16 I won do problem is my penis size is not big as other guyz who r in ma wat shuld I do to increase ma size..hw should I overcome tiz prblm..n shuld I undergo any treatment..plz suggest me guyz plz plz..cauze ma grl frnd is askng me fo a date..i fear to go wit ma small penis. . .

  23. alex says:

    i’m 19 and am masturbating maybe everyday since i was 12. i know its very bad but i dont know what shoud i do to stop doing it. please help

    • Silk says:

      If you just stop and tell yourself no. It’s as hard as you think. It’s probably weird but I’m a 13 yr old girl and I managed to stop with a week or so. If it helps try getting yourself into something like music, riding your bike, walking. though I do not reccomend video games and such. I got myself into music, writing fanfictions, and drawing. If you need to chose someone you can thoroughly trust and ask them if you can rely on them. It always helps to have someone looking out for you!

  24. Subham says:

    Pls help,
    I have been masturbating since the age of 12 once in a day and now i am of 16 and i have read the whole of your
    site and also about deformed penis
    It happened to me and is there any way to make it good again like earlier it was.
    Please help me and you made me scared.
    Thanks in Advance

  25. kulzy says:

    ive been reading a lot about the dangers of excessive masturbating,

    but i have a curiousity of knowing why often sex doesnt have any bad effects?, i know masturbation and sex is 2 different thing, but is still about ejaculating and having there scientific explanation about why a lot of sex is good..

  26. pakz says:

    does excess masturbation effect the body size?
    does it decrease the confidence of a man?

  27. Saheel says:

    Hey, what does ”night discharge” mean ?? !! By the way thanks for this too valuable information. I’ve seen this side effects now I will try to masturbation excessively and frequently.
    Again Thanks for this info and suggestions.

  28. Saheel says:

    *By mistake !! I wanna say that ” I’ll try my best TO STOP MASTURBATE excessively and frequently !! And I will try make my friends aware about this coz they too suffer from same problem of excessive masturbate.

  29. Bobby says:

    I’m 14 and I’ve been masturbating since I was 12. Is it bad that I started early????

    • admin says:

      This is not early masturbation. This the right age when people discover masturbation, including myself.

  30. from peshawar pakistan says:

    Thanks a lot for the site. it is so help full. You are too good to share your experience. i had never know this much about masturbation before coming to your site via Google search.

    will you please advice some medicine so that i may not inclined to sex. i tried very hard to stop masturbating but failed many time and started again as the sex is always in my mind and when i stop masturbating after 1st week my penis get erection (not full a little) on very little touches like touch of my cloths, blanket, and my hand when taking showers and finally lead to full erection and to masturbation, and the cycle starts again.
    and of course looking at females in bazaars also arouse me so hard that stooping masturbation is very difficult.
    and i m seeing bad signs of masturbation on my penis and body, i m 27 now and started at 14, hope to marry in a year or two.

    would you please suggest any medicines so that i stop thinking about it and finally stop it, or any other advice.
    i would be very grateful.
    *email added

    • admin says:

      Looking for medicine to curb your sexual desire is wrong. The proper way is to address the issue and find a real solution. You are 27 which is the right age to get married. Sexual frustration will build up really high if you do not have a partner. This is just a natural thing. The best way to cope with it is get into a relationship. I am not aware of any medicines which help curb sexual desire, but there definitely are, some of them curb your sexual desire as side affect. I would NOT recommend those. Medicine like these can cause suicidal thoughts. The fact that you are excited about something weather it be sex is a good thing. Just know your limit, respect others and get involved into healthy relationships.

      There are homeopathic medicines for curbing sexual desires. They do not usually have have any bad side affects, but do they really work is controversial.

      The other way and my preferred way to curbing your sexual desire is by not eating hot food. Some makes automatically makes you in mood, other don’t. Also if you are full stomach you are most likely to want sex. Eating less will decrease your sexual desire. Eating less food to control your desires work in a different way also, since you making some sacrifices to make it work, your brain helps you control it better.

      I hope it helps you to some extent. All the best

  31. Kelvin says:

    Pls admin. I want to stop masturbation. But when the orge to do it comes i cant fight it. But i do regret after masturbate. Advise me on how to stop it pls.

  32. from peshawar pakistan says:

    Thanks for the reply will try it.

  33. waqar says:

    if someone masturbate consectively two days twice in one day and once in next day then left it for more than 10 to 15 days..! does it harmful??

  34. Andy 231 says:

    I masturbate every day one time and after masturbation I have a stomach problem and my penis is going in banana shape please tell me what should I do

    • admin says:

      I am not sure if stomach problem could be because of masturbation. Bending of Penis has you pointed out is caused by excessive masturbation.

    • nick says:

      please stop harm your body,it is excessive masturbation,to stop it drink more milk and ghee and stop masturbati for 3 or 4 daya.

  35. Vegeta says:

    Hey i have been masturbating since 16. Initially i did it whenever i get the urge (sometimes 4 times a day)…..But now it has been decreased to once in 2 days and so….. The only advantage i got from it is that now I can control my erection as I please….. Now i want to control a bit further…. Can you help me….. Also i want to increase the size…… Can you suggest some methods for both my queries?????

  36. Joshua says:

    Is masturbation every day exsessive? Please right back cuz I’m scared stuff might happen to me

  37. Sohail says:

    Hey boss plzz answer it
    I have started masturbation from the age of 10 nd now I m 17. It use to be my habit but I was irregular in it nd use to give gaps between them. I want to ask what diet should I take to control my bad feeling because they are very frequent. Please do answer it because it would help me to control maturbation

  38. Karan Johal says:

    buddy , i masturbate 2 times a day is it harmful ???

  39. sam says:

    whenever i masturbate, i used to control the ejaculating. But after controlling too much, the sperm comes out.
    Is it harmful/will it be harmful for me in the future?
    If it is harmful, please suggest me a remedy.

    • admin says:

      Having the sperms come out while avoiding ejaculation basically means leakage of semen. This is not as bad as ejaculation. Only has very slight bad effects. I do not recommend this either. Better to change direction of life rather than live with masturbation.

  40. kk says:

    Helloooooo……. EVERYBODY Sometimes over masturbate can causes back problem,pain in legs while continues standing,and narrowness in lower of penis. ‘IF YOU WANT STOP MASTURBATING HERE ARE SOME TIPS’ (eat snacks when you were feeling mast. , set computer or laptop in a room where there is more rush so you can not bare to watch porno .when you feel masturbating think, there are many others things which can give you fun like your favorite hobbies) DO THIS IT REALLY WORKS thank you

  41. Tom Cheal says:

    I used to masturbate every day, until my penis lost a lot of its sensitivity. I then decided to do it only a few times a week, because it is more pleasurable and I have more sensitivity. Will this affect me in the future?

    • Ceo Administrator says:

      It won’t affect you nor your penis size but it will affect your social skills with society and other people ,exessive masterbation lowers your self asteem and makes your brain think your wworthless and have no place t

  42. Ali khawaja says:

    You are a quack , u know nothing . Medical research says there r no harm effects of masturbation , only psychological which occur due to myths and false beliefs about masturbation .’source wikipedia’ U r misguiding young people

  43. Chimera says:

    Hello, masturbation is the worst habit ever, please people, PLEASE WAKE THE HECK UP! And abandon this humiliating practice. Check NoFap Reddit for more information about the truth on masturbation.

    Only those who do not masturbate for a long time can know what I’m talking about.

  44. Tarik says:

    DEAR CHIMERA, At first let me say u r a dumb….. U should know there are many differences between the PRACTICAL thing and the RESEARCHES…..I masturbate n i think wat the site is talking about is true ….. He is not saying that masturbation causes probs… Its abt thE EXCESSIVE masturbation.,… If u can controll over masturbation, its alright…. Nothing serious will happen or cause n that is wat WIKIPEDIA says….. I wanna thank the ADMIN for his VALUABLE AND HOLY work…. I wish u very best luck…..

  45. saiful Islam says:

    Thank you so much for your important guideline. i will be maintain it ever of my life.

  46. Vusie says:

    Masturbation can affect ur lyf very bad ul b scared to talk wer ther is many ppls ul talk very fast ul b afraid of proposing a gal it afect brain u thnk vry slowly u feel weak every tym afta masturbtng u 4gt thngs easy u always fil lyk u cn sleep… for more information invite me on facebook @ Singo vusani mavusana

  47. Important Message says:

    Me and my friends 15 years have been masturbating for along time and at this age it is normal for it to be uncontrollable.. but we have experimented and notice that are knees hurt.. it is not accepted but its true.. i have seen several posts on google about this. it is because there is acid.. acetic acid in our joints and in our knees. it is what causes the pop noise. i think due to the realease of hormones suchs endorphine which are realeased at ejaculation the level of acetic acid increases so ur knees hurt .. and they naturrally pop when walking. this is not good for the knees. can anyone confirm whether theyve experienced this? Also there is sleepiness, depression and the sensation of fever..but actually no heat genereated.

    • admin says:

      It might be but I am thinking not. This could well be genetic in your case. The pain that I have experience is in calf, legs, lower back. You case might be different, I just did not experience it.

      • Important Message says:

        Also it has come to our notice that your nerves ted to merge out after masturbation. yes it think the side effects differ from person to person.
        but overall too much of anything is bad.

  48. Ceo Administrator says:

    Hello everyone I myself used to masterbate. 5-7 days a week till I noticed how I always kept to myself and didn’t talk a lot so I told myself I was gonna stop I started going to freinds house after school so I didn’t get the urge to masterbate ,my final test I gave myself was I watched porno and tried not masterbating to it……I am now free of masterbation I no longer like nor enjoy the feeling I am now more talketive asn socialable thanks you message me if you have any questions or comments or need help to stop masterbation it is very hard to stop

  49. Md rahi says:

    Hellow sir.after reading all thisss.i’m so afraid that i can’t tell u.i think i’m addicted,i think i’m gonna get loss,i think my future is dark.i’m not seeing any way.i’m first i wanked at 2 or 3 times in a i do it 1 or 2 times in a day,mostly 1.i’m doing it nearly from 6 years.i think i’m totaly gone. What to do? :'(

  50. Nk says:

    Each & every word of this website is true. Really excessive or over masturbation can cause adverse reaction on the body. Bcoz i know how it feels just after releasing semen. Not all myths associated with masturbation are false some are medically proven like hairfall, memory loss, lowered vision etc..

    The fact is that semen is rich in vitamin A, C, E, zinc selenium calcium potassium which r necessary to human body. When one indulges in excessive masturbation all the vitamins come out through his body which results in lowered vision, weakness, low sperm count etc..

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