Cure to Masturbation Problems

Can I reverse the changes caused by excessive masturbation? The answer really is No or at least  it is not that easy. Harmful effects of masturbation are not caused in a day or two but over a longer period of time and hence it can be just cured right. Furthermore Medical sicence does not believe it causes any problem in the first place, so there is no such cure for it. There are homeopathic and may local people who claim they can cure it. But these claims are most of the time false, although I have never tried them. Here I will mention what can help you.

Before mention cure or remedies, I will remind all of us that medical science does not acknowlege masturbation cause any problem. I will still go on and explain the remedies that I have found

Break Masturbation habit

You have to break masturbation habit. If you continue it, the harmful effects will continue. If you decrease it, the harmful effects will decrease but in order to recovery you have to tally break the habit. That is avoid masturbation all together.  Depending one how much damage you see, you may not masturbate at all or masturbate very rarely.

One masturbation equals 27 days of abstinence

I found that if you do not masturbate at all, it takes 27 days to have significant improvement in your penis. What happens is after 27 days of avoiding masturbation, your penis gets  a sudden boost of health. That is it become more meaty, more healthy and haves slightly bigger erection. In fact this is a really pleasant surprise in the way of recovery. The way you feel this is when you press penis between your finger, you will notice it has become a lot meety.

Let me point this out, you will only see this if you have really done extreme damage to your penis. In server case, the damage is so much, if you sqeese penis between to finger, your two finger will almost touch each other. This basically means you penis has lost all it meat or healthy. This is recover in steps of 27 days.

Interestingly the step is all of a sudden. You will wake up in the morning and notice the change.

Do exercise

Excercise is the biggest boost you can give yourself beside quiting masturbtion. In fact excercise, esp running helps so much if you continue daily running, the 27 day period is pushed as early as 22 days. So exercise is one thing that can help you a lot. No medicine,  no money needed, just work out.

Stop thinking about Sex all the time

The problem of excessive masturbation is caused by thinking about sex all the time. You have to stop thinking about it all the time. I am not saying do not think but dont make yourself prone to it. The less you think about it, the more you will think healthy, you memory power in increase, you will begin to seek company, make friend and you will be on path of recovery.

Get into a relationship

I know I am a muslim and it is forbidden in Islam to seek a relationship with opposite sex. But if you keep it to just talking and supporting each other and may be you get married one day, I think it is ok. Get into a relationship. This will remove your frustration with sex. Be positive. Do not cross limit. Know what is allowed by society and what is not.


Get married

One of the serious problem causes by excessive masturbation is fear from marriage. Well please do not worry about it too much. I am not saying getting married in such condition when you have all the bad effects is easy but I can only say, you can do it. That is possibly the best cure to excessive masturbation, provided your love the person you were about to get married. Do not get married if you do not love the person or you cannot be committed to that person.

Do not be afraid to use supplements

If you are too worried about you performance that makes you fearful of marriage, always remember there are enhancement available. Use viagra, cialis or other medicine that can help have a stronger erection and perform better than you ususally would. The fact that many young people will be really shy of using such medicine, the truth is do not be shy, these medicine can save your marriage from breaking. See a doctor, get a prescription and you will only be happy. Do not make it an ego issue.

Premature Ejaculation is Curable

We discussed one of the major problem with excessive masturbation is Premature Ejaculation. I know this can be very embarrassing and devastating. And take it from me, premature ejaculation is not good for marrige. It has full capability of breaking your marrige, depending on how sever it is. The good thing is there is cure available. This is not 100% cure but medicine that you take and that can make your last. Again do not be shy of these medicine. They can significantly improve the quality of your life by not worrying bout these little thing which will easily eat up your brain.

Pain in legs, back pain will go away

It will automatically go away when you stop masturbation. If you have not done excessive masturbation, even he bending of your penis will be gone.

Bottom line is, get into a healthy relationship and stop relying of masturbation. If you really need to masturbate, of course you can , it even has benefits.

24 Responses to Cure to Masturbation Problems

  1. V says:

    My bro do masturb 4 time a weak will it harm

  2. amit says:

    thanks for the suggestion regarding harm of the excessive masturbation.

    • samir says:

      i mastrubate from past 4 years. i do it 4 times in a weak. till now i got no problem but my eyes besone sunken.
      so much dark circles. big problem for me. plz help with your valuable advice

  3. solomon says:

    God bless you.You have explained it all.That is how it all started.i have noticed some of its effects too.but following your advice am now in the healing period and hopes to quite it advice to everyone:keep away from porn.

    • Dude says:

      Yeah,keep away from porn,trust me,it might seem great at the beginning,but ten it will ruin your brain,your thinking,your life and relationships…

  4. ramano says:

    hello sir i am hindu i started masturbation at age of9 years and now i am 18 yrs old and my body grew very weak and my penis health goes weak and all sideeffects and now i have complletely tried to stop it best i have stoped it for two weeks. i wanna know today is my6 th day not masturbating i am confident i wont do it ever i wanna know if i didnt do it for years will my health improve.

    • admin says:

      Yes you will improve but first of all you must have the bad effects of masturbation. If you do not see it, then you do not need to worry too much.

  5. anony says:

    People, please listen to this carefully:

    I visited this websit efor 3 years now and read all the articles to understand and find a solution to Premature Ejaculation problem and other sex problems like low libido.

    After alot of research, i found a NATURAL cure to my problem, and it has solved my sexual problems like premature ejaculation completely! I am like brand new sex machine now! I searched a natural cure and fond a herbal supplement called Butea Superba. Butea Superba within a few days my problems began to dissapear completely and now i am completely cured without any side effects as it is 100% herbal! I have rock-hard erections as well as libidio of when i was 13 year old and most imprtantly, i no longer have the urge to ejaculate before penetration!!

    Please Understand that I am not trying to sell a product or by any means, i would just like to share my experience of solution with everyone who is facing the problems like i did (especially premature ejaculation). I did research myself before i bought it and it works like a charm. You can buy butea superba really cheap from eBay (don’t buy from websites as they sell for over $50!! – RIP-OFFS!!)

  6. Solja says:

    Thanks alot admin.u saved me!

  7. AENI says:

    you r doing a very good job……it will be very useful for teenage as well as youngster thanking u admin……may god bless u….ever and forever……..medical science is completely wrong about this that it do not effect body……As ruhaniat says….masturbation has very bad effect on mind eg. memory loss,slow mind,losing presence of mind,lack of confidence,lack of self confidence and many more; so i say stay away from it as common saying excess is bad of everything thanking u again admin allah teri hifatjat kare

  8. Karp says:

    I am doing masterbation for last 5 years. , i am doing 3-4 times every week. .
    penius shrink, low back pain this symptoms there. . Will it affect my marriage life.. or what will happen if i continuous?


    Dear Brother ,

    Im Very happy To Know About You as MUSLIM . Great Effort , Your Website is Really HELP full Young Peoples and New Generation . I m Also a MUSLIM , and Completly A WEBSITE DEVOLOPER . i was Also thinking To Create A Website Just Like this Web. But Now I does’nt Need To Create Any This Kind Website Because Your is complete For Young Generation .

    if belonged to Medical . i had some Question ,

    What Say About WET DREAM if a person had Wet Dream after days .what will Solution .

    Have any or not

  10. Alex says:

    I’ve been masterbating since I was 8 and now Im 13 and I have been masterbating since.I don’t do it daily or weekly I do it every 2 days will that effect my future?

  11. maxwell emmanuel says:

    i have been masturbating for years now, sometimes i feel pains in my penis wen am urinating hope is not a problem bt i don’t do it all the time

  12. Sidhu says:

    I am 19 yr old men. I would have totally masturbated around 50 times now for a period of 4 years. (Excluding wet dreams, say I got about 10) so totally 60 will it affect my health. Kindly suggest me some natural or foods that I have to Include in my diet to become healthy again. I am feeling weak now a days.

  13. Mac says:

    i have sometimes masturbated 6-8 times for day is that harmful for the process of studying ? Because sometimes i get the feel like i am totally like depressed (i feel emptiness and i just stare at one spot ) ,SO i really need to know if masturbating may be the cause of this.

  14. Kranthi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am masturbating since last 10 years approx 10-12 times in a month.
    and i feeling the symptoms of bending down of my penis.. and when thinking of girl/any sexual appeal. my penis get wet at top.. … and i got servere pains in legs. and back pain too…

    If i get stop masturbating.. will my symptoms go away.. pls.

    pl. my refresh my furture life.

  15. avijit goswami says:

    i am musterbating for last 5 i am 18..i musterbate 5 times in a week.if i stopped it for few days then oneday i make this 4-5 times a penis get bend.and i feel weak every time and sleep 10 hours a day.what can i do.plz help

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