Cure to Premature Ejaculation

Weather your premature ejaculation (PE) is caused by excessive masturbation or it is otherwise, there are cures available for it. Note that these are not cures in the sense that you take a medicine and you are OK or you gradually become OK. These are cures in a sense that you take a drug and in the next few hours, it will reduce you urge for Premature Ejaculation. The drug that is used for PE is anti-depressant. There are a number of anti-depressant available in the market. Not all of them work the same and some of them might not work at all. Certain brands have been more successful than others in helping PE patient. This might help you from loosing your relationship so see a doctor. There is no shame in it and esp that a cure is available. It is worth trying.

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  1. jake says:

    i m addicted to masturbation and i do 3 times a day, how should i control it ,can i recover from PE
    im 16 years old ,male,

  2. hanan zafar says:

    I want to leave this with out medicine.I’m addicted to masturbation but not too much about once in a week.
    How to get freedom without medicine?

  3. scott says:

    hie… i am a 20 year old and i am masturbating since last 6-7 years and i think till now i was doing excessive masturbation..
    i am facing PE and all other singes of excessive masturbating…
    *what should i do to recover my self???
    *should i stop masturbating ??? would this help me ???
    please reply i am very tensed about this .
    thank you…

  4. Rigman says:

    So this is my story I have PE and ED for about 7 years now and I was in and out from relationships cose of that I tried to quit some many times not to masturbate but I fiind it very hard I used to do it like 3-4 times a day now Im masturbate once a week or once a two weeks to release the stress build up I dont have the problems like thin penis at the base or memory problems I do have back problems but I think is not due to masturbation I have back pai for years due to my work Im working on the oil rig on pacific ocean I had a lots of women before and did not have problems at all I remember some girls told me they did not fiind a guy like me to cum after 3-4 hours having sex Now Im coming in 10 seconds I have been to doctors I tried SSRI and they did not have any positive results One of the doctors told me the PE will be all the time with me What I did fiind to work for me is Few glasess of alcohool and a viagra and I will cone in one hour or I did fiind a solution called suifan tze some chineze lotion u can apply that on your head penis Those things are working for me By the way Im 37 years old and on the oil rig there is no girls to play with Im working 3 months on 1 off I used to have leakage from my penis now I dont have anymore So this was my story and if there is some other guys outhere to share they story or if will be any questions I will try my best to answer from my experience Thanks for reading my post and all the best to all of u outhere facing this problem

  5. Rigman says:

    The metod what I use is writen in my first post If u read it again u will understand
    Im not gona write any emails in private cose that is the all ideea of this website to learn from each other
    The only thing Im disappointed by the owner of this website
    He put on this website a lot of information but the essential is missing ::::
    How he get rid of masturbation and how he cure the PE
    Maybe he is embarrased or something like that
    When I do have some time free to come across this website I will answer in my best knowledge and experience if will be any questions and I do hope some other guys to share they experience not jut read on this website and ask how u can cure your problems try to share your experience and some other people with same problems will share they may answer to your question
    Hope I make myself understad
    Thanks again and hang in there is not the end pf the world

  6. ugo says:

    please help me because masturbating is turning me to gay why

    • Dr.SALMAN ANWER says:

      BE SERIOUS .




  7. DADA says:

    I WAS DOING MASTURBATE SINCE 17-TILL NOW BUT I ABSERB HERE ON THIS WEBSITE TEXT EXCERCISE SHOULD STOP MASTURBATE OR EP WHATEVER BCOZ WHEN DO EXCERCISE LIKE GYM OR RUNNING, doing gym or running it will stop masturbate but do one thing when you gym please carry heavy weight its give energy then you will free from masturbate or in running excercise run daily more than as you able to run suppose you are run 2km than run 5km …run much and more until and unless you will tiered …….bcoz i abserb this you should relief from this problem any how you will lose energy so plz plzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzz do excercise or running

  8. karan says:

    i am doing masturbating from last 8 years. my age is 21 years. my eraction is good i do masturbation semen is thin. sometimes very thin semen comes with thick.. and also i found premature edaculation. what should i do to remove this..

  9. marco says:

    Dr Salman.. I am 19 masturbate excessive, and have always suffered from pe? Is this How it will be forever? How do I stop it?

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