What is Excessive Masturbation

What is excessive masturbation

Masturbation is not harmful at all. It is the excessive masturbation that is harmful. . Excessive masturbation is not just masturbating 2 times a day or 10 times a weak.Excessive masturbation is prolong activity that occurs over a long period of time. It usually includes the following

  1. You are usually not aware what excessive masturbation is so you kind of just do it
  2. Typical excessive masturbation is 2 timesĀ  a day every for 2 years is excessive with no breaks
  3. Excessive masturbation is the one that is habitual. That is you dont really want it but you do it.
  4. Masturbation because of boredom
  5. Masturbation because you do not have friend
  6. Masturbation simply because you can’t go to sleep. You rely on it and it become routine.
  7. You live a life where you masturbate often and you never feel the need to talk to someone because you are just happy with masturbation.
  8. You are never bored because you always indulge yourself in this habit.
  9. You try to invent news ways of masturbation because the old one got boring.
  10. You create new situations for you where you can masturbate even more.
  11. There is not end in sight, you are hooked to it.

The following are examples of not excessive masturbation

  1. You have friends, are active in society, you masturbate whenever there is a need.
  2. Masturbation one time a day is not excessive (if you have legit need for it)
  3. You masturbate a lot for a short period of time, may be weeks or months and eventually you decrease the frequency or try to decrease it. You do it because you have legit needs.
  4. You have breaks in your masturbation habits like 1 day or 5 days. If you have breaks even a single day that means you are not addictive.


10 Responses to What is Excessive Masturbation

  1. WONDER says:


  2. brandon says:

    i masturbate 1 everyday and sometimes 2 times a day what is the worst that can happen if i carry this on?

  3. Matthew says:

    What do they mean by “a legit need”?

  4. Adam says:

    I masturbate everyday but i have a good social life i want to stop

  5. Juris says:

    To stop is a mental condition sort of. If you really want to stop you should be able to stop, plus the side effects should give you an extra motivation, getting your social life straight so you do not have to think that you masturbate when you speak to others. as well as filling your life with something else to do best would be a physical activity which would not drain you but at least make you tired and release some of your tension. also spending time on other things can help you stop,but there must be a legitimate wish and a lot of concentration. Also try to find out why do you masturbate, is it because of boredom or you have nothing else better to do or you are exposed to sexual material, happens to me sometimes, and the try to eliminate that factor. also give yourself a reason to quit. lastly try meditation, empty yourself from everything and fill yourself with positive.

  6. krish 314 says:

    I masturbate 3 times a day . I have no friends . Now i suffer with ed . How to get out of it please mail me

  7. Choudhary sahab says:

    It is not bad at all….I am doing it thrice a day

  8. john rossetti says:

    i’ve been a chronic, compulsive masturbator since my teens. my mom and i use to masturbate together for hours every nite. she use to do it right in front of me showing me her huge,large, shaved cunt. stimulating me to do it more, soon after an orgasm. it controlled all my life. when ,later ,i got married, i wasn’t unable to keep an erection if i tried to pene trate. still a virgin i was masturbating for hours, every day, stimulated by my wife busy sex life with her many casual lovers.now i s till have to masturbate for hours every day to several weak , dry orgasms. always searching for more and newer porn to increase my orgasms intensity. weak, dry , orgasms are only one of the symptoms for having indulged for years in excessive solo sex.to late to change now. i can’t do without daily hours of intensive masturbation. segaiolo 2003 2003 @yahoo.ca john rossetti the bate/retard

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