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Why this site exists?

I created this site because of my utter frustration with masturbation habit. I was entirely hopefuly there is any cure for it. I thought there is simply no cure. I will never be able to have sex in my life, never get married. I finally created this site so that I can educate other teenager so they can live a more fruitful life.

So, have you recovered?

Yes, to a great degree. I am living a normal life now. I am in a relationship. The problems that still exist with because of excessive masturbation are

* Premature ejaculation
* Probably somewhat reduced erection size

Is the recovery process easy?

Not at all. the process is extremely difficult and one main reason for it, is because there are lot of things in your brain that you can’t just change. You have too many *assumption* in your head. With those assumption in your head, it is almost impossible to get a recovery. Plus part of it is real, severe problem, part of it is lack of guidance.

More faqs comming soon

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  1. Aravind says:

    u r preventing many teenagers (including me)from masturbation ,,,i hv started it last month…i hv masturbated more than 40 times……i am addicted to it….but from now i will take steps to stop it…

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