Fear from Marriage

Of all the bad effects because of masturbation, it boils down to one thing: Our Marriage. Is it going to affect my marriage in a bad way so I wont be able to perform. Will she leave me because I wont  be able to satisfy her? What if I can’t perform well? These thinking from us and esp from society creates a tremendous pressure on us that makes us say “I do not want to marry”. We simply reject the thought of getting married because we could see the unknown humiliation if the marriage fails. People will know that I could not perform and it will bring shame and disgrace to me and my family. These things are tremendous in society like Pakistan and India where everything is based on honor and respect.

The truth is you should not be feareful of marrige, even if you have done excessive masturbation in the past. I know it is really really hard to come over it but when you find a true love or match, you can easily overcome this. [This topic will be completed later]

You can see cures for to cope with your marriage issues.


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  1. Muthukumar says:

    I found this site very useful, and i suggest friends to be sincere in achieving your destination.
    You will find a girl whom you like/love. Or a girl will come to you and approach. Be free to show your love.
    Dont think about the future, we will see the future when it comes to present.
    I had made many mistakes by thinking about the future future future and only future..
    Please friends dont think about the future a lot, live in the present.

  2. Lalaland says:

    Hi everybody on this website I had a look on this website many times but is missing something I dont wana be a critic cose I see a lot of good information around here But is missing one thing
    The owner of this website claim he had those problems in the past and he advise all of us what to do and what not to do but is missing one point!!!!!
    He does not say how he solve his own problems with masturbation?!?!!! He advice us to get married but how to get married if if your penis is not working Hey admin How you done it?!?? Let us know from your experience If you are married now how did you make your thing to work with your wife?!?? If you wana tell us how he get out from this habit and dont have any problems
    How he knows if we get a girlfriend we not gona have any problems Im just curious cose he not say nothing about that Just get a girlfriend and the problems will be solved So this was my questions Hope my post will be up for all the users of this website Or I will be deleted Thanks

    • admin says:

      I have discussed it many times before, it is VERY DIFFICULT to get into a relationship with this problem, almost unimaginable. Esp if you have all the bad affects including premature ejaculation and shrinkage of penis. So let me repeat, it is really really hard, almost impossible to find a relationship with this problem because you think you can never be enough for a girl, she is going to leave you, it will be a shame and you can never take a step.

      But then if you get your life straight, everyone gets a chance or two in their life. The solution is not perfect. You will have to settle for something less that you would otherwise not settle for. But you know you have short coming, you have to acknowledge it and move on with that approach. You basically are not looking for top line personality but someone that you think can live with you.

      There is also another pleasant reality. If you find true love, you will forget about your problem and get dedicated in that relationship. Agree there will be concerns but at least you wont feel about yourself in that bad way. When you intentions are clear, everything becomes clear for you.

      Just so you know, the recovery was very hard indeed. I should be thankful that now I am trying to help other teenagers who are in similar problem. I am not fully recovered as such but at least I am much better, something that I never thought I would be. May be I explain that in other time.

  3. Lalaland says:

    Thanks for your reply admin But I have read on your website all your statements and always you cant explain how u recover what kind of method u use and how u are now in your relationship U always try to explain that some other time or in some other post but never happen I believe o lots of people on this website fiind few things useful but most of them they wana fiind out how u done it how u recover and they will try to do it the same like u From somebody who did experience the problems and now solve them Not 100% but at least to perform with your lover
    Thank you

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