Frequently Asked Questions

Am I over masturbating?

Please refer to this article. You can take the survey if you want to narrow down your problem. Note that the need of masturbating is an important factor in determining if you are over masturbation. If you are bored and do it, that usually is a case of over masturbation esp if you do it for a long time.

Will masturbation effect my marriage life?

It will not affect your marriage life. But if you do excessive masturbation which may result in shrinkage of penis and premature ejaculation and low confidence among other things, it will affect your marriage. Masturbation itself does not affect your marriage.

If I masturbate too much, will I run out of sperm

No. Now matter how often you masturbation, you will always produce semen. Sperms are produced right on the spot in the sacs below penis. But if you masturbate too often, your sperm count will decrease. Sperms are the actual cell inside semen (the fluids part) that are responsible for producing babies.

Can I become father if I masturbate too often

Yes. With excessive masturbation, your sperm count may decrease and that may result in slightly less chance of getting a woman pregnant. But you will always be able to become father, no matter how old you get. Unless the quality of you sperms go really bad or there are some other reasons.

Will I become impotent because of masturbation?

No. Masturbation does not make you impotent. But again excessive (only excessive) masturbation can cause some impotency just because you are doing it too much.

How to over come the negative effects of masturbation?

If you have all the bad effects of masturbation, how can I overcome it? My advice is to quit masturbation, get involved in healthy activities and get married. Yes get married. I know this can be daunting task as I faced myself but that is the only way to get out.

When you stop masturbation, you penis health with automatically get better. That will boost your immune system as well as your overall energy. You you build up more energy, you urge for masturbation will go stronger also. From my experience, I found that with every 27 days of not masturbation, you get bump in your sexual health. That means you penis gets significantly stronger and bigger. My assessment is that if you stop masturbation for 6 consecutive months, you will get almost completely healthy. But on the other wise, you will have very strong urge to masturbate as well. If you masturbate once, you increment of 27 days will go back. Because of this, it can be a little difficult, but it is certainly possible.

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