Harmful effects of masturbation

Doctors will argue no matter how much you do it, masturbation is not harmful at all. Some doctors say if you are addicted to it obsessively it can be a problem but even then they say the bad affects are only psychological and not physical. Psychological effects basically  mean you shun yourself from society, indulge with yourself all the time and lead an unproductive life which can be a problem in the society.

My experience with excessive masturbation  however is, it can be really harmful. And I mean in physical way. While this is somewhat controversial, controversial in the sense that I first came to know about this from street pamphlets, but my own experience actually affirms that the bad effects are true. I still have an open mind to it however. If someone can convince me these are not bad affects because of masturbation, I am willing to accept it happily. Harmful effects of masturbation include

Penis becomes thin at base

I experienced this first hand. How can believe it was just the pamphlet that caused me to believe my penis had shrunk at the base. I can see it every day and have proof of it. The shrinkage get severe if I masturbated and begin to disappear if you do not masturbate.

Penis starts to leak Semen

when you think about a girl, the tip of your penis gets wet. In mild cases it it is just the tip that gets wet, as it become severe the secretion will actually make more area wet.

Did you have any of these bad affects? You are welcomed to comment below.

Premature Ejaculation

This happens because of over masturbation. What happens is you teach your organ to ejaculate even when there isn’t a strong¬†enough stimulus. Gradually your body learns how to ejaculate to achieve orgasm with less stimulus. Eventually when you are in a real encounter where the stimulus is really strong, your body ejaculates just because of thoughts or mild touches just because it learned to ejaculate at a lesser stimulus level. It never reaches it peak in order to cum. In other words there will be this lack of satisfaction. You will not achieve the same amount of pleasure from sex as a normal man would. This can seriously affect your qualify of life.

Pain in Legs

While I do not know the exact science of it but you develop pain in legs that in calf area. You will never see this pain if you do not do any hard activity, but if you stress yourself in a game for example or jogging etc, you will see this pain. I have confirmed this is related to masturbation. If you stop it, then pain goes away.

Pain in Lower Back

Again this is not obvious to feel. Let say your stress you back a little and you will feel it (DO NOT EVER DO THAT IN PURPOSE). An example would if you play squash (or racket) which uses your back extensively, you will feel this pain. I had to quit squash because of this pain and I knew it why it was.

Pain in Groin area

This happens if you indulge yourself in a long masturbation activity. what happens is you start masturbation, then when you are near the edge, you stop it, then continue it again. If you do it for long time, you will have an obvious pain in the groin. At that time it would feel so strong that you would want to stand up.

Loss in Memory

I have come across this first hand as well. Loss of memory does not occur because of masturbation. I believe masturbation help boost the memory. Loss of memory occurs because of excessive thinking about unhealthy thing such as sex all the time and being obsessed with it. A point comes that your memory does not help you at all. You are not sure if you locked the door, you forget people name right in front of them, you forget where you parked your car.

Below are psychological effects which are common with any addiction not necessarily just masturbation.

Isolation from Society

One of the reason you masturbate is because you do not need company, you just live with masturbation. It never lets you be bored. It is always available and if it is why not just use it rather than seek a company?

Masturbation a lot makes you isolated. It is not that serious because you will have regular interaction with people. However at times if you are obsessed with masturbation, you will realize you do not have any friend, you do not have any girl friend, you do not see any body, you are living in your own world.

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75 Responses to Harmful effects of masturbation

  1. victor says:

    please admin am experiencing weak erection, quick ejaculation as a result of mastubation. Wat should I do? Is there any drugs dat I ll take to cure my problems?

  2. garba says:

    i feel very weak after masturbation..pls how can i stop it

  3. Jason says:

    I am 15 been masturbating for almost 3 years i noticed my penis gets a little thin towards the base. Also i noticed i don’t last long when i watch porn or anything. At my friends i wound a fleshlight and used it and i did not last long at all not even a minute. My brother who is 12 tried it and he lasted a lot longer than me. Does masturbating have to do with it at all? Does being addicted to it have to do with hieght or weight? Please help! And thanks

  4. Hik hik says:

    Thats true. Am leaving this n i willt advice on it. Thank u so much

  5. Eddie says:

    I masturbate everyday and it only helps me more and more everyday.

  6. Thiyagarajan.M says:

    It’s high time to stop it immediately. And kindly follow my suggestion. Live 30 days devoid of handgrooving (masturbatition) and you will get tremendous strength, stamina, skills in you. I experienced, it will give more power, happiness than the happiness get through the very jiffy seconds in Masturbatition.

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