Discussion of Impotence

What is impotence?

Impotence is the inability to erect Penis. This is what I would call real Impotence. However impotence is also referred to the inability to maintain erection hard enough and long enough to satisfy your partner sexually. This can be called as a mild form of impotence. You just can not have a healthy intercourse with your partner

Does Masturbation causes Impotence?

Masturbation does cause premature ejaculation but what about impotence? Can it cause impotence too? In premature ejaculation your penis get small in size (esp contracts or shrinks near the base [becomes thin near the base and thick near the top]). It also can not produce erection hard enough as it would have produced if you did not have the premature ejaculation problem. The stiffness in the penis decreases a great deal. In the final stages of premature ejaculation problem all these all these signs can be observed easily. Masturbation does pushes you toward impotence if it does not make you impotent completely. In fact it makes you almost impotent and you have to find some way to come out of it, like masturbation exercise and special exercise with partner to come over it. The person who has this problem thinks as if he is impotent ( he might not be aware of what impotence is but he is definitely aware that he can not have intercourse with a woman and he does not have the courage to go for it because he thinks it will give him shame and dishonor). The person having premature ejaculation problem has the following thinking's:
  • I can not have sex
  • I can not satisfy any female
  • I ejaculate even at the sight of seeing a naked woman.
  • I can not control my ejaculation
  • I am not able to marry, even if i do my wife is going to despise me because I can not satisfy her.
Even the premature ejaculator patient is able to erect his penis for a long time, but it is the fact that his erection size is not his original erection size if he were healthy. Secondly it is not as stiff as health erect penis is. Thirdly he will explode on even thinking of a horny dream (forget about having intercourse). All these points show that the premature ejaculator patients are victims of impotence. They have to go through special course to overcome this problem. This definitely need a cooperative partner.
I have been having the premature ejaculation problem for the last 15 years. And my thinking were exactly the same as i mentioned above [ I still believe these thinking are right]. Although
  • I can maintain erection for a considerable period of time ( an hour or so)
  • my erection is not as big as it would be if i did not masturbate and i did not have the premature ejaculation problem ( I feel it when i do not masturbate for 3 months and my organ really becomes solid like and heavy)
  • I come off very quickly [ In my dream i came off just on seeing a naked woman in bathroom!]
  • Once I almost masturbated when my pubic part caressed a girls buttocks in the shops. I avoid touching her doing my best. If i did i would most certaintly came right there in the malls! It was a fact with me that i can not even touch a woman!
It does not mean I can not have sex. I still can have sex but what will my partner feel. She will definitely be not satisfied. She might go for sex with me because of sheer frustration but she can not go long enough with me as i can not give her that satisfaction which a normal healthy man can give her. This to some extent mean that I am kind of impotent (though not completely). It is therefor better to keep oneself away from masturbation habit which will eventually cause premature ejaculation problem and then impotance.

Although there are techniques to overcome these problems. Like you can get slow control over you ejaculation problem by stopping yourself just before ejaculation. Once you are able to do that at a point, you can push that point farther toward orgasm and eventually you can get control over it. However it would not be the same as a health man as he already has control over it.

Would you enjoy sex same way as you would have if you did not have the premature ejaculation problem?

My answer to this question would be 'No'. Since you ejaculate too quickly in premature ejaculation, you always have this in your mind that I shall not ejaculate even though you are having sex. For example you are touching the butt of your woman and feeling great but at the same time you are thinking that you might ejaculate. This greatly reduces the joy of having sex. Again you have to do 'the stop and start' technique to avoid rapid ejaculation which is a hindrance in the regular flow of sex. Your sensitivity of enjoying a woman's body can also decrease. In other words the experience would be totally different if you did not have the premature ejaculation problem.

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