Adolescence in Islam

What are the signs of adulthood in a boy?

Good Question! There are a lot of changes that happens in the body when a child reaches puberty. They are
  1. The voice becomes grave and deep.
  2. The sexual organ (penis) begins to grow at a rapid speed to a good length.
  3. Hairs begin to appear in the pubic area on groin (near penis) and under armpits.

If these signs have appeared in my body but i have not yet masturbated, does it still mean that I have become an adult?

Yes. Masturbation is something you discover by chance or if someone tells you about it or you may not like to masturbate at all. Normally a boy will play with his penis while taking bath and in the process will discover masturbation. It often happens that boys don't want to get shower but after they discover masturbation they are ready to take a shower for the reason that they want to masturbation during the shower. So what i meant is that you might want to masturbate or not to masturbate but as a matter of fact you are already in the process of being an adult.

Are there any other signs beside those discussed above to know if i have become an adult?

Yes. if you see a girl in your dream and you have found yourself coupulating with her. If you enjoyed that encounter with her to the fullest (in the dream),it means that you are an adult now. Similarly if you find yourself wet in the bed ( the discharge of siemens from penis ) even if you have not saw any dream, it still means that you are an adult know. Note that the discharge should be thick and sticky. If it is not thick and sticky, it does not mean that you are an adult. I will discuss this fluid latter in the text.

What are different types of fluids (that are discharged from penis)?

The fluids are of 3 types: Money, Wadee, Mazee ( Urdu names). In English they are called two types, semen and sperms. The sperms is the regular fluid which is think and sticky. It is discharged during doing masturbation. It has a strong smell also.
The semen is not sticky (though a little bit stick), when dried out, it leaves almost no stains on the paints ( sperms do leave stains on clothes). Semens are less viscous also. These two types are also called 'money' and 'mazee' in Urdu literature. The third one called mazee will be discusses later when required.

What are the Islamic obligations associated with adulthood?

When you achieve adulthood, all Islamic principles are applicable on you. You have to pray five times a day and observe fasts (roza). You are considered as a complete man. Remember that if you do not observe fasts it will be a sin on your behalf. If your parents do not allow you to observe all the fasts because they think you are not strong enough for that (or old enough for that), observe only 1 or 2. At least get started. If you think suitable, appropriately discuss with them that you have achieved puberty. This will be better for you.

Do you qualify for Fasts?

Remember that apart from other main obligations for Roza such as the person has to be an adult and he should refrain himself from eating anything and telling lie and doing anything wrong, one important obligation is to acquaint yourself of all the obligations of Roza due to which it can be brokened or made 'macroo'. You have to know all th 'masayals' of keeping roza. I will narrate some points regarding marriage and sex which are normally not told to a child.
  1. Men and women are forbidden to have sex during roza. They can't even kiss each other.
  2. Masturbation is prohibited in Roza. It will either make your fast a 'macroo' or invalid. If you masturbate in Roza knowing that it will make your fast 'makroo', still do not eat anything. Pray to almighty that he forgive your sin.

Have you committed a sin if you have copulated with a girl in the dream?

Not at all, You are lucky to have a girl in the night and copulated with her. There is absolutely no sin for that.