Leakage from Penis

Leakage of semensĀ  was the first piece of information that I came to know about the harmful effects by excessive masturbation. What is leakage? When you are in mode, you will notice that the tip gets wet. It could also happen if you are really happy and excited (which might have some sexual kick in it). You do not have to be fully aroused for this to happen. It happens when you are limp but most importantly it happens you are fully erect also.

I believe this is happens because the penis muscles gets weak due to excessive masturbation and it can not stop the semen from stopping. An other explanation would be, you body develops this automatically when you practice excessive masturbation.

This I believe is the prelude of problem associated with excessive masturbation. It may happen to individual who has not practiced excessive masturbation. Our research is limited on this topic.

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5 Responses to Leakage from Penis

  1. san says:

    can you help me . i having semen leakage because for over muster bating. so how can i stop it.
    do you have any idea or i need to eat something or medicine.

  2. kulzy says:

    hey, bro, be4 this ive been masturbating alot and i think its considered over masturbating,

    so, its been like almost half a year that i try to myself to masturbating once every 1- or 2 weeks or sometimes 3 week. so i feel good,

    i really want to know, everytime i watch porn or get really excited( fully aroused with erection, my penis starts to leak coz of getting excited, but it wont leak any if im not aroused or erected,,

    is getting leakage during the state of fully aroused, is considered leakage from penis, or is it just normal?

    • admin says:

      Yes leaking semens when erect is leakage of sperms. On the other hand 2/3 times a week is not excessive masturbation.

  3. Crystal K says:

    it looks like your parasympathetic nerves are weaken by masturbation. You can treat your problem by practicing a technique called Tao’s control technique described in herballove website. Hope that helps!

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