Marriage and Sex

Is Sex Dirty?

In many societies in the world, sex is considered a dirty thing. Here the dirty might mean two different things: one is that is is a bad thing and secondly that is is a dirty ( or filthy ) thing. Let me through some light on that. First of all sex is not bad. If it is between a married couple, there is nothing bad in it. In some backward societies even the married couple are shy to have it with each other. It is because the subject of sex has always been hidden from them as if it is a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it is not a bad thing infact it is a very healthy thing for both man and a woman as long as long as it is between married couples. Secondlly the dirtiness about sex: I will say yes sex is 'dirty' in a sense that you touch each other body which you woul not touch if you did not have that urge for sex. Like you kiss someone on mouth or you kiss someone arm and touch it. Imagine touching a man arm, doesn't it look nasty. Just because you do not have that sex urge for the same sex. I would say yes sex is dirty but that is what is fun. You do not have to be shy about it and you do not have to worry about it?

Do men get weak after getting married

This question is debatable. Some men do get week after marriage. The reason is ofcourse too much sex. Remember that sex is a very good excercise too and if you are having healthing lasting sex, you can burn as much calories as you would if you were playing a footbal game. So it does make you work out. Secondly you may loose your appetite for the reason that you are too excited about sex in the newly marrried life and you just cannot think of anything else. This will make you loose some weight. As far as the question is that you loose weight because you discharge a lot of seimens. This is not a valid reason. Because in my life i used to masturbate a lot but i sill remain very healthy. Secondly discharing sperms a lot may make you a little lazy and inactive but it may not make you lean. Infact the most common reason in loosing weight is worries. If you are worring constanly about something, you loose weight. So one reason for loosing weight for a young man who has just married is may be his performance, if he is not doing well and his wife is not fully satisfied. This can well be reason for loosing weight after marriage. In a good healthy life however i do not think that man should loose weight considerably if every thing is ok.

Do women get healthy after marriage?

A similar question as above. A nave may think that since women receive a lot of sperms from her husband during her early sex life in marriage, she will get fat becasue sperms is power. This i would say is a misconception. Rather the real reason for a woman to get fat has nothing to do with that. The real reason why a woman gets fat after marriage could be the following: 1. In a newly wed couple, the bride is normall not allowed to do any house chores etc and she sits in her room most of the time hence she is likely to gain weight esp when she eats well too. Secondly sex is a lot more fun for a woman thana for man. I have heard that women enjoy sex 7 times more as men do in their climax. I do not confirm weather it is true or false but it does seem to me that almighty God has given them more satisfaction through sex. If they are fully satisfied with their husband, they are normally very very happy as if they have come to heaven. This happiness make them gain weight. It is just too much happiness for them. It is also because of this happiness that they care so much for their husband no matter her husband may not be well praised person by others but just because if his sexual performance is good. It is also possible that a woman will loose weight after marriage. This could be because of the reason that she is not happy in the new home either because of the poeple or mainly because of her husband sexual peformance. She being to worry for her life and she starts loosing weight.

How often do newly wed cuples make love

It depends upon from couple to couple. Their might be certain traits in societies too. In some places they make love every night which is too much if you compare it with another place. You might think of having sex every night after marriage but i guess after getting married you realise that it is too much. Newly wed couples may make love every day first and then every second day etc. The frequency slowly decreases. But it also depens on sexuality of both the partners. If both partners have sexually fit and healthy, they may make love every day several times.

Does the penis size matters?

A debatable question. A lot has been said about it. Some women say yes someowomen say no. This question here might be very unsuitable because i designed this website for teenagers basically. Hoever for the sack of completing this website i will mention it.
I would say the size does matter. There are two aspects in the size: 1. Girth or thickness of penis 2. Length of the penis. Which one is more important lenght or girth. This is a rather stupid question but i will discuss it here.
One thing that a man enjoys about a women genital is the tightness. If it is too loose his gential does not get enough fraction from the the walls of vagina and he does not come early. If the vagina is tight, he has to push harder inside. This give him two different feeling. One is that he is more excited because he to make a lot of effort to penetrate. This one is rather mental ecstacy. The seond is that his penis gets more friction from vigina and hence more please. In short he get heavery orgasm from a close vigina rather than a loose one. The same is true for a woman. If the man genital is tight insider her she gets better aroused and gets more fun. Thus the girth or thick of the penis plays a vital role here.
The longitivity of the penis may be of arousing type mentally or the fact that it is penetratig deep other wise i do not thing there is any signifiance of that. But it does help in arousing more.
In short i would say the size does matter. But it is not like the begger the better. Many women will get scared if the size of penis is too large. They definetly can not take it if they did not have a child before. Although it does give them better satisfaction, it also gives them some pain in the start. A good answer to this question would be the normal size is the best.

Arguments of the women saying size does not matteer

These women say size does not matter what matters is how you use it. So size does not stand an issue here. If you are able to love her in proper way and make a lasting experience, nothing is better than that.

Arguments of women saying size does matter

These women says "those women who says size does not matter probably have never been with an endowed man ". There are a lot of women on internet who are asking for bigger male genitals. Those women can fall in that catorgies called "b*tches" because they have been with many men. This fact can be true. If you sleep with more men, you like the one who has bigger tool. Women copare a lot. If they sleep with two men, they will always compare their genitals. So if the first man of your woman was big, you are in big trouble. It is not to have a woman how had not man in his life.

Do bigger men have bigger penis

Not necessarily. If a man is tall and broad, he is likely to have a bigger genital but it is not necessarily. He might have a small one. The genital is somehow a separte part of a human body which is not related with the rest of the body proprtion wise. It is rather gentical. If a man has big penis, his son is likely to have the same.

Do small men have smaller penis

Not necessirly.

It is true that a woman never forgets her first 'love' ?

It is kind of true. The first experience of woman is very special. It is so intense for her that it becomes a part of her life. But remember the man has to be real man. If he ejaculate early just on toucing her, it defintly is not a worth remembering experience.

I do not masturbate but i still find my energy level low, why is that?

Masturbation is not the only reason for your energy level to go low. Furthermore since you are young, it may not effect you to a great extent, to be more accurate you dont feel it's effect soon because you are very energetic. Your energy level can go low because you dont have any interest and you do not know what to do. It more kind because of phsycholical effect rather than because of food of masturbation. It happens to every one and it is very common. But it does not mean to masturbation to overcome your boredome. Just bear with that.