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  1. Surya says:

    I havebeen masturbiting since 2005 when i was 15 and lot of friends told me that you you masturbeat once a day you will not have any children after marriage . is it correct i love children?I donot want to be childless .pls help me .surya

    • admin says:

      Masturbation does not causes any problems in pregnancy. A girl can equally get pregnant weather you masturbate or not or weather you do it more or less. But there are factors that can affect it somewhat

      1. Reduction is sperms count occurs if one masturbates excessively over a long period of time
      2. With frequent masturbation the ejaculation volume may be less and hence less sperms count
      3. The quality and energy of the sperm might be a factor but not sure

      Note this is not strictly scientific answer. In theory only one sperm is need to ovulate an egg but in practice, the chances of pregnancy is significantly affected by sperms count. I know about one case where the man cannot be come father beause he was over weight. His over weight caused his sperm count to be low. The doctor told him, he has to loose weight in order to become a father. I hope it helps.

      So in short, it is wrong to say you cannot become a father even if you masturbate 6 times day. As long as it contains sperm, the girl can get pregnant.

      is a side to it. When you do excessive masturbation for a long period of of time, the sperms counts in semen becomes low. This will decrease your chances of becoming a father but it will NOT eliminate it altogather. The second thing is if you are frequent masturbator, the ejaculation volume will likely decrease. This against might decrease the chances of pregnancy. So bottom line, it might reduce it a little bit but you still have a good chance of becoming father. One should not reply on the fact that if you are a frequent masturbator, you cannot father a baby. That is totally wrong. I think I have mentioned it in another answer as well.

  2. sid says:

    hello , my age is 21 and my weight is 50 kg, i have been masturbrating twise a day from 5 years .
    i didn’t gain my weight from these 5 years. Is masturbration effects on our weight ?

  3. veon says:

    Hii my age is 21 years,
    I am masturbating from from past 7 years and i did it 2-3 times in a day.Now from past 2 years i am doing once in a day.
    Now i came to realize that it is too much,in near future it will effect my personal life.
    My question is that whether it will result to infertility or what..?
    I should stop it or what to do.?
    I should consult doctor ?
    please give me a needful suggestion.

    • admin says:

      If you have not seen any bad affects you are ok. As I mentioned above, it also depends on why you are doing it. If it is an addictive pattern ( you do it even if you do not need it because you are hooked to it), that is a bad form of masturbation. If you really are in the need of masturbation, it will have almost no bad effect at all. As far your questions …
      1. If you do not see any bad effects, you do not need to stop it altogether.
      2. Only if you are worried about it, otherwise not at all.
      3. It will not affect your fertility as long as I see. But if you over do it to the extent that your semen becomes thin, then it might.

  4. Yash says:

    Hey man thnx a lot fr d information bt i wud like 2 ask dat m masturbating frm frm d age of 13..i m 17 now…m unable 2 control d urge 2 masturbate nd evn whn i control i bcm a victim of nite discharge…i masturbate 3 times a week since dese 4 years…kindly help me out bro nd giv sum valuable feedback..nd also my penis has tilted a little sideways..nd whn i do it aftr 4-5 days i shoot loads of cum..

  5. palu says:

    Hello sir/mam,
    I am in big doubt…. I use to mastuburate 6-7times a day…. I try to reduce it but again after 2-3days a start doing it 6times…. I am in this habit since I was 12 now i am 17…. plz clear doubt that what are its syd effect, will this cause infertilty? would i be able to pregnant a lady or satisfy her…. and what should I do now? I was sufering from little hair loss bt hairloss is also getting cured, also I am not able to lift weight in gym i feel that my elbows are weak..plz answer my quetions …..
    Thanqq in advance….

  6. umar says:

    I started masturbating the first time I watched porn. Over 6 years have passed and am still
    doing it. I do it so frequently provided Iam alone. In 2009 I got a girlfriend and had sex with
    her. It was my first time to have sex but I didnot feel anything. I also had sex with another girl
    recently and it was the same case. Is it because I used a condom or could I have lost my sexual
    pleasure? masturbation is now my life coz I enjoy it more than I enjoy sex. I really want my sex
    life back and I cant do away with masturbation, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND WHAT SHOULD I DO. PLIZ HELP ME. umar 22yrs

  7. Lou says:

    Hey, well I’m 16 year old girl My Question is.. Is It okay if I masturbated while my period ?

  8. Keshav says:

    You said that it is fine to masturbate as long as we need/want it.. How do I come to know that I need/want or not? Will it be bad if we practice it once in two days or once daily just for pleasure/relief..??

    • admin says:

      If you are aroused and need to masturbate, then it is OK. If you are bored or do not have friend or you are just lonely and you do it to kill your boredom, then it is excessive masturbation that can be harmful over course of period.

      • Keshav says:

        I have been practicing this for over a year and in recent days I get muscle pains and feel very weak sometimes. I’m worried that is this due to masturbation? Should I stop?

        • Vijay says:

          Defenitely masturbeating will affect your growth 6drops of blood equals to 1 drop of sperm. Stop that thing from now itself .

          • admin says:

            6 drops of blood = 1 drop of semen, is a myth and not true. There is another version that says 72 drops of blood = 1 drop of semens. That is untrue as well.

  9. shashank says:

    i m 17 yrs old and i started masturbating when i was 14. At an average i did it twice a week. i still do it for pleasure while watching porn. Whenever i masturbate i feel little bit lazy and sleepy. Is it harmful or shall i continue it? Ply do reply.

    • admin says:

      Twice a weak is not excessive at all. Every one has different reaction to masturbation. Having feeling lazy and sleepy is the MOST common affect of masturbation. Basically when you masturbate, it is likely you will go to sleep in the next 5 minutes. This is not even good, it is even healthy. This is how nature has programmed us.

      Nothing to worry about.

      • Jon says:

        will the side affects go away

        • admin says:

          Depends on the damage. Yes some of it will go a way but it is a long road to recovery. The main problem here is you need a understanding partner who can help you though all that process. Remember every one wants just great sex. What if you can’t have a great sex in the beginning? Your partner has to understand it. Your can recover alone too but it is just not very practical.

  10. martinalex says:

    hi…i started masturbating wen i was 15 tat like thrice a month,i am 19 now still i masturbate 10-12 times a month and the count increase while watching porn….question keep arising like: it bad 4 healthy or my future life esp after marriage…
    2.penis becomes wet over the edges while reading adult stuff (short one) or watching a small clip why is tat??????and stands up even if i dont want too…
    3.laterly i masturbate while sleeping without my knowledge why is tat????
    4.penis is hard in morning hours right from my sleep why is tat???????
    plzzzzzzzzz help me out give solution for all my question thank u

    • admin says:

      You are not in excessive masturbation habit so you should be totally fine. I don’t think you will have see any of he bad effects mentioned on the site.

      1. You type of masturbation is not bad. But of course do it only when you have to.
      2. This can be caused by over masturbation. The next stage of this would be premature ejaculation. But it can also happen naturally for some people. If it was not like that before and now you see it, the chances are it is because of over masturbation.
      3. If you have not control over it do not worry about it. It can only happen like that if you severely try not to masturbate. At night you will do it half a wake just because your body is desperate to release that energy. And thus masturbation is not bad, it is the excessive masturbation that is bad. In you case, you should not be having such issue because you do it once in a while regularly.
      4. Having an erect penis in the morning is a sign of good health. Nothing wrong with it.

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