Over Masturbation Survey Result (new)

We asked you, how often do you masturbate and what bad effect do you see?, here is the result of what you answered. We are going to analyze the main bad affects of over masturbation along with your answers. The followin survey is based on over 8000 entries. Note that the survey is not scientific. Also note that that is result is not affected by further survey answers.

Bending of Penis

We asked do you have bending of penis because of over masturbation?


Times Period Bending count( * )
Once a Month Two Years 1 4
Once a Month One Year 1 8
Once a Month 6 Months 1 9
Once a Month 4 Years 1 9
Once a Weak 6 Months 1 11
Once a Weak One Year 1 21
Once a Month 10 Years 1 29
Once a Weak Two Years 1 48
Once a Day 6 Months 1 59
Twice a Day 6 Months 1 66
Once a Weak 10 Years 1 89
Once a Weak 4 Years 1 107
Once a Day One Year 1 170
Twice a Day Two Years 1 181
Twice a Day One Year 1 247
Once a Day Two Years 1 269
Once a Day 10 Years 1 310
Twice a Day 4 Years 1 315
Once a Day 4 Years 1 474
Twice a Day 10 Years 1 484

Leakage Problem

We asked how often you masturbate and do you experience leakage. You answered


Premature Ejaculation Problem

We asked about premature ejaulation cause by masturbation, you answered.


3 Responses to Over Masturbation Survey Result (new)

  1. john rossetti says:

    when a teen with my mom i use to do it up to 10 times per day. as a cuckold with wife minimum 3 per day many times more. now 3 times average per day. no problems with my genitals except some bend to my left.i use mostly my left hand. segaiolo

  2. john rossetti says:

    sympoms of overindulging. after years of heavy masturbation.between two to 5/6 daily sessions. my big penis is bent to my left as i mostly use my left hand. poor memory, unable to concentrate,most evening in a stupor,lack of energy.arouse most of the time.thinking about stroking all the time. the brain chan ge.i’m very submissive to superior ladies. segaiolo

  3. john rossetti says:

    the more i mast urbate the stronger the craving for more. craving start again soon after a dry orgasm.never enough time.i w ish my g. f. and her daughter, would give me the sign with her hand up and down ,i would stroke to a bate/coma. john rossetti segaiolo

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