Over masturbation Survey Result

This page has been updated in April, 2013. Note that we found some discrepancies in the old result. This is a more correct result of the survey that you took.

Note that the survey not a scientific survey. Anyone is allowed to make more than one takes.

According to this survey, it shows that masturbation has no effect on penis leakage, back pain and premature ejaculation. I found this odd but the follow graphs show the result.

One year of masturbation Activity

This whole plot is one for year data. That one year is distributed between 4 groups who do it twice a day, once a day, once a week or once a month.  Each of this section show profile of premature ejaculation, leakage etc.  Notice that profile for each of these section is about the same. Which means masturbation more or less has no effect on these issue. While I do not agree with it, I have still presented the result to you.

Four years of masturbation activity


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2 Responses to Over masturbation Survey Result

  1. Oppong jacob says:

    I use soap and water when masturbating for ten years. Am now experiencing pre mature ejaculation. How can it be prevented.

  2. mn says:

    I lost a job and I spend most of my time alone at home I musterbate more 5 times a day, n now am nolonger having feeling for my wife, I was so strong in bed but now cn do 2 round and I don’t last even more than 5 mntes,, and this lower my self esteem. Pls help me with some advise.

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