Penis thin at base (Shrinkage of Penis)

Because of excessive masturbation, penis becomes thin at base. Basically it shrinks in size. It become very narrow at the base while it remains normal near the top. Wrinkles form at the base causing it a different look. How it really become shrinked, I don’t know. What I am of the opinion is due to excessive masturbation, the penis get weak and it basically looses all of its meat. The shrinkage also causes your penis to have reduced erection size. It is almost always ensued by Leakage of semens

Penis thin at base

It is interesting to note that I never saw my penis shrinkage during all the time when I was doing masturbation 2 times a day. It was once a pamphlet that I read which said all the bad effect include penis shrinkage. When I went home that day and saw it the first while I was quite fearful that it might have happened to me, I indeed noticed it was shrinkage at the base. Why I never noticed during all that time and then all of a sudden? I was never into the size issue or never looked it that. Could the pamphlet created fear in me and that cause the shrinkage? That is a good theory but it did not happen just one time, it happened every day, every time I masturbated it would increase, if I did not, it would decrease. To me it is almost a proof shrinkage of penis is caused by excessive masturbation.

What if you think you masturbate a lot but you haven’t seen shrinkage of penis. That means you have not done it to the level that is caused this side effect. If you haven’t seen it you are probably ok and do not need to worry about. Just get into normal masturbation habit, not excessive.

While I do not have a photo of it, I have sketched it. If you are someone would would like to send such a pic for education purpose, feel free to email me at sacseducation at yahoo dot com.


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10 Responses to Penis thin at base (Shrinkage of Penis)

  1. abhishek patil says:

    sir, i masturbate from last 7-8 years, now i am at 25 years old un married. i feel my penis is shrink, penis become narrow in the base, ejaculate before penis fully enlarge as well as skin is not sensitive. and low quantity of sperms are comes out…………..please tell me something about us & give me proper suggestion about my problem and in which time/period/year i require to recover (via e-mail)……thank you

  2. Vegeta says:

    i am having the same probs…..

    is it really true????

  3. Ncolas Christo says:

    Thank you in advance for the good and educative article that you have shared with the world….for the first time i read this i discover that i have already ruin my penis and now it is just looking thick and tough at the upper portion but very weak and thin/shrink at he base and even when i had full erection the base is not so strong to support the erected penis. Please doctor if you may have supplement about this issue let me get it as either advice or even dirction on what should i do to eliminate this! Thank you again

  4. Tee says:

    Guys, i am also having the same problem since 15th October 2012 after masturbating for almost 8 – 9 years, I so wish i found these kind of article b4 the damage happenend but its too late now, my penis has also shrunk by almost 40 – 60% when flaccis and I am in a process of rebooting my brain to see if it will work, also i dont have morning erections anymore, i went to see a urologist last year and all he did was just to check my testosterone level and he told me i am fine, but i am thinking of going to see a neurologist as this habit breaks the Autonomic nervous system which has to communicate automatically with the penis…. if anyone finds a solution to reverse these pls share with us and i will also do the same.

    • admin says:

      Usually that’s all a urologist say, “You are fine”. I think medical science has not fully recognized this as problem yet, or we may be it is our misunderstanding that this *is* a problem and creates all these problems, shrinkage of penis and premature ejaculation. Who is right?

  5. rajib says:

    i have the same problem …but how can i overcome it ? what should i do ? what are the treatment for recovering this problem..please answer this…

  6. Christian says:

    Admin it seems to me you are sent to us to light our dark side of life! if you could even have a simple clue of what to do with this dimage of the penis please inform us how to restore our nature that we have ruin it without any knowledge that we are doing the worst thing! I wish my father could sit with me and told me what could happen which is already happened to me! am just 27 now an my penis is thicker at the head and thin at base! you can imagine how bad it is for us

    For me am still working on it to find the solution till i die……….i wish i could take doctor degree but even though i have a chance as long as i live

  7. andrew says:

    I have the same problem of penis being thin at base but how can we retain our penis back?

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