Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the devastating side affect you can get because of over masturbation. When happens is your cum extremely quick, even in fore play. I once came in my dream at the sight of seeing a naked girl. Other people can cum just by touching someone when they are aroused by them. Note that do not assume that you have Premature Ejaculation (PE) just because you encountered it once. It does mean you might have a form of PE but for PE, it has to show itself consistently. Also if you had such an experience in dream, do not count on it. Dreams are not real and having PE in dream does not mean you have PE problem! It might show you have some form of it but it does not gaurentee it.

How excessive masturbation causes PE? Well we think it is all related to the brain who we affect the brain. When you masturbate excessively you teach yourself how to cum. When you are doing is normal (you are in the mode and you want it), there is nothing wrong with it. Everything is according to the book.  BUT when you are in semi aroused mode or you are just bored and you want to masturbate just to kill your time, you are teaching your organ to ejaculate no matter what. Remember your organ is lymph and it does not want any activity. When you bring it to masturbation of course by some fantasy, you are teaching it to cum even if there is less arousal. When you do this over and over, your brain finally gets in the habit to ejaculate early with less arousal. Now that it has learned it, you might want to prolong it but you can’t because you reach your goal of cumming rather quick. Also what happens is the penis mucles/tissue are affected and get somewhat weak. Again this could be a signal from the brain or may be harmone changes because of excessive masturbation. Your penis become less rigid when you are fully aroused. That means less force to shut the vein that control your ejaculation. The result you start to suffer from PE problem.

In the initial stage of PE, you will need to have an erection in order to ejaculate. If you still continue excessive masturbation, a stage comes that you will cum even without enough erection. You can ejaculate with almost a lymph penis.

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11 Responses to Premature Ejaculation

  1. kulzy says:

    hey admin, just a curiousity since u have been doing a lot of research about masturbation and PE, i was wondering, is the book ejaculation by command written by llyod lester is really a good method to solve PE rather than just sticking to medicine

  2. Johnny haines says:

    How can a man stop masturbation cos we find it difficult

    • admin says:

      It requires will power and changing your life style. Once your life style changes, you will wonder, why did you masturbate so often in the first place? You just do not think about it.

      While saying that, I will stress again, masturbation is OK, excessive masturbation is not! By excessive masturbation, I mean that masturbation that you do not really need to do but you fall into it because you are bore and have no other life for example.

  3. Prashant says:

    What is the normal rate of masturbation, inorder to not get affected by PE?

    • admin says:

      Any masturbation that is over (the desire, need etc) contribute to PE (premature Ejaculation) in my view. This is just a theory though. Think of it like this, if you eat a lot of food because you are really enjoying it, you are ok. This is over eating perhaps but you can handle it so that is ok. On the other hand, you dont want to eat and want to stuff yourself in a buffet. After you may vomit, not feel well and this food will be burden on you. Think of it in that context. If you masturbate 3 times a day because you really wanted to, it is ok. On the other hand you masturbated 3 times a day not because you really wanted but because you do not have friend, do not play games, are sexually frustrated and lonely so you do it is harmful and will contribute towards PE. But one or two masturbation does not affect as such. It is excessive masturbation over a period of time.

  4. Prashant says:

    What is the normal rate of masturbation, inorder to not get affected by PE? Please help.

  5. Ola says:

    Pls Admin…read from ur previous site that to stop premature ejaculation, one has to stop masturbating and it takes about 28 days to control itself over time like monthly…can you have sex within that 28 days without it affecting the cycle?

    • admin says:

      Dear Ola, My observation of 28 days recovery was based on masturbation only, not considering actual sex. I do can say something about night discharge. If night discharge happen while you enjoy it and become awake, that has bad effect. If it happens while you did not notice and notice it only in the morning, it does not have any bad affect.

      About sex, I am tempting that it does NOT have the bad affect. But I am basing that on my current life. I am not sure if I can be 100% right here. Thanks

  6. Legacy says:

    Any techniques to control PE

  7. Vikkey says:

    I am doing masturbation for the past 1 and half years … and i sometimes have the problem of lower back pain and i have a little weak erection … i dont have any other problems .. is this excessive masturbation.. and is this the starting stage of PE …. my rate of masturbation is 1-2 times a day..
    and after reading the side effects of masturbation i have reduce to once a week.. will i be affested from PE or i will be fine .. please let me know immediately admin..

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