Quiting Masturbation Habit

The habit of masturbation is like an addiction. Once you you have started masturbation, it is difficult to quit. It might seem even impossible. However if you have strong will you can quit this habbit. Again if you are doing masturbation once in a while [like once in two days] you should not be worried about it. But stopping it or minizing the frequencing will be a good thing if you can.

To stop the habit of masturbation you must first bear in mind what damages it can bring into your life. It will reduce your genital power. You will feel pain in the back and legs. You would not feel at you 100% all the time. You will keep forgetting things. These effects are more salient at a later age. It will effect your self confidence a lot and you might not be able to talk to girls whome you want to talk. All this is because of masturbation.

To quit masturbating lets see where most people would masturbate (or thos people who do it so often that they fall in the problem of premature ejaculation which litteraly destroys their whole life).

  1. When you are taking bath
  2. When you attend bathroom.
  3. Before going to sleep at night (every night)
  4. When are feeling board and are alone. You do it to kill boardem.
  5. When you have a strong fantasy about sex/someone
  6. When you see an attractive girl and are alone in home
  7. You see beautiful actress on the TV
  8. You see a porn movie and unable to control yourself.

I have mentioned the cases in order of more dangereous to less dangerous. Look at item 1, you masturbate because you look youself in the mirror and get excited right away. Since you are naked and in right place to masturbate you can't help not doing it. This is one of the harmful way of masturbating [if you doing it all the time when you are taking bath]. Since it is somewhat unintentional masturbation because you are really taking a bath and should not be masturbating, it is really bad. Many people, in their teenage, would take bath just because they get a chance to masturbate. I remember i was not very regular in bath and when i discroved it, i used to take bath willingly. You should try to control over it slowly. Do not masturbate all the time when you are taking bath. Do it only if you are really feeling aroused enough to do it.

The second reason is when u attend a bathroom. This is the place where you see yourself naked, getting bored / or sexually excited and go for masturbation. You should not masturbate when you attend bathroom. The reason is you attend bathroom every day which means you will masturbate every day!.

Masturbating before going to bad is another common type of masturbation. You simply are bored (can'g get sleep) and you masturbate. As soon as you masturbate you fall asleep easily. This also shows the physical effects of maturbation. You are relieved of all tension and your mind becomes free of thoughts. Your body becomes relaxed and somewhat exhausted and you easily fall asleep. Note that a good way to sleep is to free you mind of any thoughts esp sexual thoughts! They keep you
aroused and you never get to sleep!

The remaining points are also important but not as much as the above three. Because the above three are the most common types of masturbations. Masturbating on sexual fantasies is also a common source of masturbating. You need to lower the frequency of masturbation on fantasies by getting involved in other things.

Controlling by Food

Food plays vital role in your body metabolism ( Metabolism is the breaking down of your food to give you energy). If you eat rich food, your metabolism rate will increase giving you higher energy level. They higher engergies level will get you sexually more excited and you are more likely to masturbate if you eat hot and spicy food rather not non-spicy food. The food is paramount when it comes to controlling your habit of masturbation. Without know what is hot and what is not, it may be difficult for you to control the habit of masturbation. If you are already having a premature-ejaculation problem and want to control masturbation, you are definely required not to eat spicy food. I will provide a list of spicy food in near future. The most basic hot food is eggs. You should avoid it if you are feeling strong urge for masturbation or trying to quit it

Other Techniques

There are some other way to quite the habit of masturbation. I will mention each of them in separate paragraphs.

Change your place: If you are used to masturbating in certain places , just change that place. Avoid going to that places. Like if you have bahroom where u masturbate more likely avoid going to it. If you masturbate all the time when you are sleeping alone in your room, try sleeping with someones else room.

Use your relegios beliefs to keep yourself away from masturabation. For example is Islam masturbation is prohibited [ allowed only if there is a strong urge for that]. There might be similar believes in other relegions. Try seraching in 'www.google.com' to find out more information.

If you are masturbating with right hand, switch to left hand. You will get a reduced joy and gradually stop masturbating.

Avoid seeing pron movies. Porn movies only excites you more. There is not reason to watch porn movies. It distracts you from your studies. Never risk your moral values.

Keep yourself busy

This is a really good way to avoid masturbation. As a common quote'empty brain is home fo setan' mean that when you have to do nothing you are thinking about wild ideas. When ever you feel bored, do something contructive: give time to stuy or talk to a friend or your mother or father. Read a good newspaper. Watch TV or take some time and go out for palying, for a walk or visit a friend. All these things which might mean nothing keep you busy and it is a good way of spending your life

On aspect of masturbating that i would like to metion here is that when you masturbate only with one hand, your penis is getting used to it and it bents in the direction opposite to the hand you are using. This is because you are using same type of unbalances pressure on your penis which causes it to bend. Masturbating with both hand will come over tha problem too.

I hope that the information is of some help to you. If you want to email me and describe your personnel case, please email me at .