Stages of Excessive Masturbation

When I masturbated over my teenage, I did not come across any such *stages* but looking back at what had happened over the decade, I can recollect some of the side affects and put them in stages. I hope someone will find this useful, feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree


S.No Activity Verdict
1 You explore masturbation for the first time Normal
2 When you masturbate, you just can not cum without any fantasy. You need a strong fantasy + lubricant such as soap + good action from hand in order to cum. Bottom line you do not cum easy. Totally Normal
3 You begin to masturbate twice in a row. The second time it takes even longer to masturbate but you do it anyways. Ok if there is need, otherwise excessive
4 A time come when you can easily cum with your regular masturbation habit. You start to explore new ways so that you can delay the ejaculation and enjoy more. For example you start masturbation without lubricant Going to wards excessive
5 It is hard to cum in the new way first but with the passage of time yo notice that can make your self cum quite easy in the *new way*. Now even this habit becomes boring since you can last long enough. You have taught your organ, how to cum without a strong stimulation such as soap. Going to excessive masturbation
6 Even at this stage you have some control over your ejaculation. For example if you want to stop at 9 where 10 is your ejaculation point, you still can. You are still in somewhat control. You are about to cross border line
7 You continue your habit and explore new ways of masturbation, because you are feed up with the second way of masturbation. Going into troubled area
8 In your new way of masturbation, which for you was almost *impossible* to cum before, now you make yourself cum just so to get pleasure. Deep into excessive
9 You notice for the first time, that you lost your control of ejaculation. That is you have lost your point of no return Beginning of Premature Ejaculation*.
10 You continue your habit, a point comes that now you can ejaculate even with lymph penis or penis that is hardly erect You have almost got yourself in the deepest trouble possible
11 You notice that you penis has shrunk at the base. Signs of Excessive Masturbation
12 You notice your penis is bend towards one side Sign of excessive masturbation **
13 You noticed you leak when you think about girls Sign of Excessive Masturbation
14 Your hard erections are not that hard anymore
15 You loose spontaneous erections because you do it so often
15 You can make yourself cum even with a slight touch of hand or if your penis touches your thigh or by just watching a hot movie without touching the organ. You totally loose ejaculation control.
16 Lower back pain develops. You experience this every time you put your back on rigorous stress Sign of Excessive masturbation
17 You begin pain in legs. This appears only after you indulge in activity that demands you standing for a long period of time. Sign of Excessive Masturbation
18 You experience the groin pain. It happens when you engage in long masturbation activity. You masturbate then stop then masturbate. You do not ejaculate during this time. Happens only if you have done it excessively
19 You body defense system somewhat weakens. You easily feel cold in cold weather, you shiver when you take shower, your body lacks energy that it should have. You sleep more often than what your body really needs. Sings of over activity

Do not just believe what I say. Use your own judgement. If you think this is not true, raise your voice and even better come with an explanation! If you agree, you might want to affirm this!

Thank you!

12 Responses to Stages of Excessive Masturbation

  1. sabir.u says:

    my brother.extream thanks for the detailew.i am also a victim of masturbation.i feel you explain my life.but i am not fully worsed.please tell me the memmory..God wii bless u

  2. Rohit says:

    plz i m also to addicted of masturbating plz give me some advise so that i can reduce it….
    some tricks dat wil not indulge me in masturbating activities…

  3. John caves says:

    Disconnect computer stuff with Internet that will lead you to porn
    Try to sleep with a brother or cousin of same sex. Helps a lot.

    When going to sleep … hot sauce on both hands and sleep. Don’t dare to touch.

    Always be with someone … And if none of these work… Run hit the gym… Make yourself tired enough that the only thing in your head is rest. Power to mind..

  4. john rossetti says:

    i ‘m str8 almost a virgin. compulsive bator from preteens. ok. answers :i can ejaculate with a limp penis. yes_penis bent to one side slightly yess./11 =no 14 =no. 15 = yes. 15 to, included 18 = no and i sure masturbate a lot. constantly ,when by myself. a whole life of excessive wanking. with my mom, as a cuckold with wife and now when alone . john the sicko ps. i think i do like a masturbatot. loose lower jaw. unfucuses eyes. dopey and always tired out, poor memory, no energy.

  5. Tom says:

    Well guys I’m also struggling to kick the habit. I felt fatigued, not as sharp as I used to be and lacked concentration. It has be 6 weeks and I feel much better. The temptation is there but I’m getting there

  6. Dhruv says:

    Hi, I am Dhruv. I am habitual of masturbation. Even sometimes I masturbates at about 8 times a day. Please help me to avoid this habbit.

  7. aabaa says:

    Number 13 is the one that is bothering me very much, whenever i encounter girls, almost anyone i see that is young, when i go outside the house.

  8. rocky says:

    bro, m in d deepest trouble as in pt. 10.
    mail me about the cure coz its getting vry mch emberrasing.;(;(

  9. satyajit das says:

    thanx for this artical…it helps me more to resist the evil practice

  10. john rossetti says:

    yes admin.with my mom. my mom was an avid masturbatrix ,exebitionist we had the same bedroom, two beds, about 5 feet apart.every nite and again every morning we use to masturbate to several orgasms watching each other. she usually had more orgasm than i could. when older with my wife. she couldn’t get pregnant and she had a busy sex life. she kept the same friends she had when i first met her. it was great with me ’cause by then i was an avid solo sexual , busy stroking for hours every day.her behavior stimulated me to get deeper in my addiction.

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