Staying Positive

There are a couple of thing that I have known and that perhaps no one has shared anywhere. I will discuss these and I hope this can help you in your problem.

Most of the people who are worried about masturbation are people between the age group of 14 to 28. Most of them do not have girl friend or had never sexual encounter and therefor excessive masturbation. Even if they had it once or twice, it might have been in unfavorable circumstance, they might have failed erection or came too early or simply their experience wasn’t the best. Here I will share with you something that should solve almost all your problem, if you are below 30.

There are problem because of excessive masturbation that is hard to find cure for like

  1. Oozing out of semens
  2. Reduction in erection size
  3. Bending of penis
  4. Shrikage of penis at the base
  5. Pain in lower back
  6. Pain in legs
  7. Premature Ejaculation (PE)
  8. Fear from marriage
  9. Afraid to get into relationship
  10. Low confidence because of your problem
  11. Low profile among friends
  12. Lack of company or the desire to mingle
  13. Consistent thoughs that you will not be able to have healthy sexual experience

Can all these problem be fixed at once? Well not really but it can! If you have the will and desire to live a happy life, I will share this secret with you which will overcome a lot of your concerns.

Of all the above bad effects of masturbation, which one would you like to change first if you had the option too? I think the correct answer would be No. 10, be able to have healthy sex with my wife/partner.

Well that is true. With all these problem, you still can have healthy and satisfactory sex with your spouse, wife or partner.

We always have this fear that

  • I will ejaculate at the touch of
  • She will be left unsastified
  • This will bring shame to me and will leave me disgusted
  • She will not want me anymore

The fact is it is probably you may ejaculate even at the site of seeking her naked, or even touching her or hugging, all are possible. But bear one thing in mind, these things do not usually happen ever time. They happen may be when you are too excited or you never had sex in a long time, once you indulge a little you get control, in fact a lot of control.

One of the best sex advice that I heard was from Sue Johnson of talk sex show. A called asked her that her husbands come too early, she advice have him masturbate before sex. That will solve the problem if you can have erection again after you just ejaculated. If you are under 30 years of age, this should not be a problem for you.

Age is big factor in your problem

They say man is at his peek a the age of 22. That means he is at the best of his health at this age. This probably list till 24 and onwards. If you are under the age of 30, you have the ability to ejaculate twice one after another after a brief interval. This is most likely your best weapon to deal with your problem. Forget about reduction in size, semen leackage, shrinkage of penis, even premature ejaculation. When you come the first time lets say in 5 second, you are likely to last much longer the next time may be 1 min. Once you can do one minute, you can increase it to may be 2 min or 5 min and so forth. The fact is that you can have sex multiple times a day is huge bonus for you to tackle your problem. Once you have this thought that you can have healthy sex, most of your problems will get solved automatically. You should stay healthy though, do good things and try to be a good citizen.

I hope you get better

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